Small businesses are currently facing an unprecedented crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. All around the world, companies in industries ranging from hospitality to food are experiencing closures. Some businesses have had to cut back on hours for staff members while others are laying off employees. Cities have banned gatherings of 10 or more people in one place and individuals are practicing social distance with one another.

Impacts from the coronavirus may make even the toughest entrepreneur feel as though all hope is lost. However, the good (no, great) news is that there is still so much small businesses can do for their customer base. And, in even better news, there are several ways members of the community can show their support. Let’s take a look at how you can help keep your favorite small business thriving.

Take advantage of food delivery and takeout services.

Restaurants throughout the United States are unable to serve guests meals in their dining rooms. Eateries and coffee shops that have drive-thrus are utilizing these windows to get orders out to customers. Restaurants that do not have this option are providing takeout and delivery services.

Support your favorite small restaurant establishment by calling in an order to pick up. If you’re working from home, get your favorite lunch order delivered to your house with the help of a delivery service like Uber Eats. Check out the social media pages for your local small businesses, too. In addition to sharing updated business hours, they may be posting news about additional discounts off orders. You can redeem these discounts when you make your purchase!

Are you familiar with the USBG National Charity Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief & Response Campaign? Individuals may use this program to donate to companies in the service and beverage industry as part of COVID-19 relief.

Donations may be made for anywhere between $25 to $500 (or more, with a write-in box for donations). You may donate on a one-time, monthly, or annual frequency, ensuring continued financial support for these businesses. Add a public note with your donation about why you’re choosing to give a donation, too. Use the donor scroll to give friends in your local community a shout out of support!

Buy gift certificates.

The coronavirus will end soon, even if it feels like this moment is permanent. While we wait — practicing social distancing and quarantining ourselves — there’s one more, easy action consumers can take in support of their favorite small businesses.

Many small businesses sell gift certificates or gift cards that you may redeem in their shop. Encourage customers to buy a gift certificate for themselves. This can also double as a present for a friend or family member. Make sure the customer knows to buy the gift certificate directly from the small business. Offer online gifting options so they may print the certificate off at home.

Once things have settled down and the company has its doors open for business again, you can redeem it and treat yourself!