Holidays offer businesses an opportunity to create fun and easy marketing campaigns that encourage local community involvement and drive customer visits. Here are five tips to give your customers a fun treat while also boosting foot traffic this Halloween season.

1. Decorate your Business

Participating in the Halloween spirit by decorating your business can not only attract passersby, but also create a fun environment for visitors without having to break the bank. Oftentimes, that’s all you need to gain a competitive advantage over your local competitors and boost sales.

A few simple additions such as spider webs, orange and purple lights, window decals, and tombstones go along way. Plus, you can also encourage your employees to dress up, and (to really set the mood) you can play spooky Halloween music in the background of your business to tie it all together.

2. Host a Pumpkin-Carving Contest

Hosting a pumpkin-carving contest is a fun way to drive customers to your business and establish a bond with your local community. Simply set up an area where participants can carve pumpkins (and you can clean up easily), and then invite locals, as well as your own family and friends, to bring their own pumpkin on the specified day and time. Make sure to have carving supplies on hand for people to use, and, most importantly, have some seasonal items or services available for visitors to purchase.

To really boost attendance, offer an enticing reward to the contest winners. Gift cards are a great choice, as they will encourage the winners to come back and shop at your business after the contest has ended. Lastly, don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos so you can share them on your businesses’ social media accounts.

3. Give Special Halloween Discounts and Deals

Discounts and deals are always an easy way to get customers in the door, but even more so near Halloween when “treats” are on people’s minds. If you have seasonal products or services, create a deal for one or more and spread the news via email and social media. You can also get creative by offering a discount or deal to customers who dress up in their best Halloween costumes and join your business in the festivities.

4. Open Your Doors to Trick-or-Treaters

If you open your doors to kids on Halloween and share candy, you’ll encourage their families and friends to come check out your business, ultimately showing off your fun side and strengthening your community ties. Additionally, feel free to hand out coupons to the adults encouraging them to come back and check out your store at a later time.

To take this idea a step further, talk to neighboring business owners and coordinate opening times so you’ll all be open to serve trick-or-treaters. Then, make sure to hand out some flyers and post signage in the week leading up to Halloween so parents are encouraged to bring their kids. The more businesses you have participate, the larger the crowd you’d be more likely to attract.

5. Create Halloween-Themed Social Media Content and Emails Campaigns

Be sure to send your customers a Halloween-themed marketing email. Start by wishing them a Happy Halloween. Then, let them know what Halloween events you have planned. Finally, highlight what seasonal products and deals are going on so customers have plenty of incentive to visit your business throughout the month.

These five ideas are just a handful of ways your business can take advantage of the Halloween season and boost foot traffic. Get creative and adapt them so they tie-in to what makes your business unique, or come up with your own marketing ideas to really make a connection with your community.