Are you a small business owner? Did you send out a Holiday Text Message to your list over the weekend? If not, why not?

As a small business owner, you must use every opportunity to communicate with your Prospects, Customers, and VIPs.

As a business owner, the more you share and connect, the more comfortable people become. They start to get a feeling that they know you… and that makes them want to pull out a credit card and buy!

Your customers have already started a relationship. And sending them a quick message on the holidays is a great way to move beyond being just a business they know… and developing a relationship.

Holiday Text Messages - Real Life Small Business Text MarketingBetter still, your VIP customers expect to hear from you. You are thinking about your VIP customers all the time – right? So why not send a holiday text message and let them know it.

Sending a text message on a holiday can be very profitable. One business owner sent a Happy Mothers Day text message to her list – and reported $1,400 in orders in just a few hours. It was a record for her business!

Here’s what really happened this weekend…

Labor Day Text Messages

Over the weekend, I know a ton of businesses were active with their marketing. For example in my email inbox I received 35 different emails on labor day… Amazingly only Two – Yes TWO emails had the words Labor day in the subject line.

Of all those 35 emails – only 7 mentioned or acknowledged the holiday in any way. Shocking considering the fact It was Labor Day… all day long.

I chalk that up to lazy marketing… If you can’t bother to personalize your emails and make them relevant, why would your prospects, customers or VIPs see your communications as important?

While less than 20% of the email messages mentioned the holliday, a staggering 74% of the marketing text messages talked about Labor Day.
One restaurant sent out this holiday text message:

“Labor Day Special – Free appetizer with the purchase of a meal.”

They included a link to their website menu at the bottom of the text.
One retail store sent this text message:

“20% off of XXXXX this Labor Day only!”

They included a link to the product order page right in the text message.
Another company sent out this message:

“Happy Labor Day from XXXXX.”

That’s it. No marketing whatsoever, which is just fine for relationship development.
One Car Wash sent out a message:

“Let us labor while you relax this holiday: XYZ Car wash open 6 to 5pm.”

They linked to a google map with their car wash pinned.
What messages did you send?

Next Holiday Text Messages

Fall is already here, and the holiday season is coming up. Don’t miss on your opportunity to send out holiday text messages this season.

Remember text message marketing doesn’t need to be complex. Use the holiday to your advantage.

Remind customers who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Give thanks for having a happy holiday… Start planning now for the next few holidays – there are a ton coming up…

Columbus day is on October 10th.

Halloween is October 31st.

Thanksgiving is November 24th.

And then we’re full swing into Christmas / Hanukkah, and the New Year!

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