Google Penguin 2.0 Update

Google’s latest update plays havoc with online earnings.

Over the last couple of months SME’s across the globe have seen the number of Google visitors to their website diminish. In some instances, website referrals from Google have literally fallen off a cliff. Within the space of 48 hours word was coming through that what had previously worked to achieve high rankings in the Google index no longer seemed to cut the mustard!

May 22nd, 2013 was a black day for many business owners who have built healthy profits on the back of Google web traffic.  Dubbed Penguin 2.0, this latest Google algorithm update was done with a single goal in mind: to serve up better, more relevant search results to people using Google.

Of the three leading search engines Google; Bing; and Yahoo, Google has always been at the forefront of working tirelessly to weed out web spam. Unfortunately for some business owners many of the search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques they have employed to rank higher in Google, are now counter-productive.

Specifically the Google Penguin 2.0 update targeted websites that were seen to be getting the majority of their (inbound) links from un-authoritative/untrustworthy or low quality third-party websites. This is often then seen as a major attribute of unremarkable and poor quality content. If your website fell foul of Penguin 2.0, Google may well have placed your site in the envelope marked ‘bad link profile’ Google turned it’s attention on links that were:

• From low quality sites
• On sites that are not topically relevant to your business or sector
• Paid for links
• Too many/Too often – Keyword rich links
• Overly optimized links (exact-match anchor text).

In a nutshell Google has decided that the majority of links you go out and obtain are of little or no value. Google expects YOU to value and rate your own website. What Google really wants to see are high quality links/reviews pointing back to your website emanating and originating from real customers/third parties/trusted sources, etc., etc.

Well, how does one go about recovering from the Penguin 2.0 update? The six elements below are a sound start point to help recover the desired online visibility of your website:

  1. Positioning your website as an authority/trusted publisher status.  You can associate your content with your Google+ profile.
  2. Build the profile of both the business and YOU the business owner online – think LinkedIn and SkillPages, etc.
  3. Determine which inbound website links are low quality – Get those links removed.
  4. Invest time, effort and resource enlisting genuine customers to provide feedback, reviews and appraisals of your business online.
  5. Social shares. Marketing by conversations. Facebook Post and Tweet regularly about your business!
  6. Ensuring your on-page website copy and content is well written, grammatically correct and accurately reflects the subject matter of your website/business.