Learn how can Google Analytics help small businesses.

Users can access a website 24 hours and 365 days of the year. We know that the traffic coming to your website plays a crucial role in the ROI. Still, I have seen several small businesses neglecting the analytics part of the website while taking strategic decisions.

Google analytics tips for small business

What they don’t know is that website analytics could be a great marketing toolbox. By measuring and monitoring the Google Analytics metrics, businesses can have a successful marketing strategy.

Let me explain you how:

Audience location metric

It reveals the geographic areas where the content of your website is reaching. If you see a majority of traffic coming from regions outside your primary geographic market, you may have to create new geo-specific strategies for the target audience.

Audience engagement metric

It shows how effectively your are capturing the attention of the audience. Also, you will get metrics of visitor’s visit duration, number of pages accessed, number of pages viewed etc. If a landing page on your website is associated with a news article, it will have short visit duration time. If you want visitors to remain longer on such as page, you can add more content or even place a call to action.

Mobile traffic behavior metric

We know that the number of searches made on the mobile is increasing. Businesses can use the mobile traffic behavior data to understand if their website is mobile friendly or not. By comparing mobile traffic growth on an yearly basis, businesses can get important data on the overall mobile site experience.

Traffic source metric

The metric shows means by which a visitor is accessing the website. You will see if the traffic is coming from social media, referral, organic search, or direct to determine the strengths as well as the growth opportunities.

Bounce rate metric

When a visitor leaves a website only after visiting one page, we call it a bounce. The landing page bounce rate is a predictor of the success or failure of individual pages. By monitoring the bounce rate, businesses can find out the areas where the site needs improvement.

Always remember that measuring & monitoring the performance metrics is critical for the marketing strategy of a business. I have given you a glimpse of how Google Analytics can be used. You should always look out for more ways to get metrics to monitor the website & improve in terms of traffic and profit.