Event Planning Tips for Small Businesses

I recently chatted with Liz King, the socially-charged CEO of New York City-based Liz King Events, to get her thoughts about what’s up-and-coming in the event space.

As a technology expert, Liz and her team seamlessly integrate technology into meetings and events to expand brand reach, forge deeper connections with attendees, and easily manage event logistics. She also hosts free webinars to help demystify technology solutions.

During our conversation, Liz shared some helpful event planning tips that small businesses can use to stay ahead of the technology curve. Here’s what she had to say:

What are some interesting trends you’re seeing with events and technology?

“Everything is turning towards mobile. Websites need to be responsive, apps need to be web based (HTML5), and content needs to be shared from your phone.

Everyone wants to share photos too, so you have to design your events to be photo centric. What can your attendees take pictures of? How can you collect all of those pictures and share them on social media so your attendees can experience your event? And, most importantly, how can you empower your attendees to share this info on social media?”

What 3 tips would you offer event planners looking to be more successful with social media?

“90 percent of your tweets should be engaging. Only 10 percent should be about your events/brand/company. No marketing!

Learn the different cultures of each social network. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. all have very different cultures and require different content. Learn the differences and you will go much further.

Always think ahead. Don’t learn what everyone is doing now. Figure out what they are going to be doing in 2 years. Rather than learning Twitter in 2013, you should be looking at Google+ and Snapchat as these are gaining popularity and you will need to know how to leverage them for your events.”

What is the single most important way to use mobile for event planning and promotion?

“Mobile is a great tool for event marketing and planning. Everyone lives on their phones these days. Make sure you leverage lots of apps to give customers access to everything on the go. Google Drive is a great way to keep tabs on important docs. Also, make sure your websites are responsive too. Capsule is a CRM tool that helps you track all the people involved in your events. CardMunch helps keep all those business cards you collect organized.”

What should an event planner be doing during the summer to prepare for a busy fall event season?

“Always plan ahead. Think about what you need to do in the next few months to feel proud of 2013. What kinds of projects do you want to be working on? And, of course, start thinking now about 2014. Set your event management goals and put a great plan in place so you can be successful.”

For more event planning best practices, check out our free webinar “How to Increase Event Attendance and Ensure Financial Success.” Register now.

What are your event planning tips? Share them with me below.

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