With depleting natural sources all around the world, saving our Earth has become an important initiative for businesses, large and small. Let’s see what we can do this year…

April 22nd. Earth Day. The one day a year dedicated to dear, old Mother Earth. Although we should remain eco-conscious every day of the year, this is the day we come together and realize we probably aren’t doing quite enough. As more and more businesses are making efforts towards paperless offices, we are going in the right direction — but we can always do more. So we’re helping you out, and giving you 8 Ways Your Office Can Get Involved and do something practical to promote the eco-friendly mindset.

Earth Day Activities for Your Business

It doesn’t have to cost your business an arm and a leg, but just doing SOMETHING (big or small) can make a difference. Let’s take a look at some ideas to get your office involved.

  1. Pledge to Plant.  Using the Native American philosophy that when you take something out of the Earth, you need to put something back in, this grass-root effort’s goal is to plant 1 billion seeds/trees. The idea is to go out and plant a tree. It can be a tree, shrub, or even a seed as long as you are planting (unless you live in Colorado, be careful of what type of plant you use). This is a terrific way to get involved on a small budget and bring all your employees together for a group effort. You can check out their Facebook event or add your Pledge on their homepage.
  2. NASA Celebrates Earth Day. It doesn’t get much bigger than NASA! The powerhouse joins in with activities especially for this special day. If you are located around the Dulles, Virginia area, check out their Our Planet Earth exhibition. If you’re in the vicinity of our nation’s capitol, they offer Earth Day in the Nation’s Capital, with various hands-on activities and demonstrations. California dwellers have the opportunity to visit their NASA Center Activities. And for the rest of us, NASA offers online, social media events with their #NoPlaceLikeHome Social Media Event. All these and more can be found on their Earth Day website.
  3. Earth Day Canada. We don’t want to alienate our friends to the north, so we’re adding ideas for all you Canadian businesses out there too! And let me tell you, Canada knows how it’s done. From 25 Ways to Clean Your Commute to Make Earth Day Every Day, they have added top-notch ways to get involved in their communities. Who knows? You might even be added to next years VGP list – that’s Very Green People – for us commoners. So go ahead, Canada! Find an activity and Join in.
  4. Earth Day Yossemite. Ok. I have to admit that I’m quite jealous of anyone who lives close enough to actually participate here. As they say on their page, What better way to celebrate Earth Day than in Yosemite? And I could not agree more! Running not only on Earth Day, but the weekend leading up to it, there are lots of activities for young and old, alike. So grab your hiking shoes, and head on over to Yossemite!
  5. Going Green. No activity says Earth Day more than greening your office. (Is greening really a word?) Ditch the paper, switch to biodegradable products and start recycling. It’s great for the environment and also for your business! Check out these 5 Tips for Going Green and start making changes to your business.
  6. Earth Day Initiative New York. The Big Apple is going all out this year for their 25th anniversary, and if your business is in the city, you’re in for an Earth Day treat. Events in Union Square range from local business exhibits, green travel and vehicles, book swap, a sharing economy exhibition and lots more. But the main event is the Earth Day 5K Walk & Green Tour. Businesses can raise money for environmental programs and learn about green places around New York City. It’s the ultimate volunteer event for businesses and corporations who want to give back to their great city.
  7. Alcatraz Cruises. Another great Earth Day find for San Francisco area businesses. Partnering with local environmental companies, the cruise is accompanied by Earth Day by the Bay. Free activities for literally all ages, it’s a great opportunity to get your hands dirty by partaking in hands-on, earth-related activities. This is one event your business will not want to miss.
  8. Switch to Online Faxing.  Online Faxing, is a way for businesses to actually remain eco-friendly all year long — not just one day of the year. Online faxing eliminates paper, which we all know makes Ms. Mother Earth very, very happy. Her trees are remaining safely where they stand, and you are also giving your employees the flexibility they need to work from anywhere, outside the office as well (even from under that incredible tree in the park).

This Earth Day, begin by making a conscious effort to do something positive for our earth and your business. We’ve given you some great ideas of how to get involved in your areas and in your offices. Take one day of the year, and start making an example of how to live eco-friendly the rest of the 364 days… it will benefit us all!

Know of any other Earth Day activites for businesses to participate in? Add them in the comments below… 

This post was originally posted on the FaxNgo blog