Remember when we thought CDs were a fad? 

cloud knifeOr how about the Internet?  I myself was skeptical, but seemingly overnight these advancements were mainstream.  That’s what the cloud is doing for IT.

The “cloud” is proving to be more than just a buzzword.  More and more business are adopting cloud solutions to run their business in an easier, more cost effective way.  In fact, Gartner research indicates that the cloud computing market reached $150 billion in 2013!

As a small business owner, what’s in it for you?

  1. Scalability: Cloud technology enables smaller companies to do business on a larger scale at a lower cost.  It provides access to enterprise-level applications, and makes functions like email marketing and online scheduling easy and affordable.  The latest MYOB Business Monitor Report showed business owners using cloud computing were 59% more likely to see a revenue rise than those who didn’t!
  2. Productivity: Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is used for daily tasks such as number crunching, word processing, collaboration, and file sharing.  Businesses that use SaaS report an increase in productivity, which in turn allows businesses to focus on growth and development               .
  3. Security: Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) functions are important for items like storing important data and documents.  Many small businesses no longer house sensitive information locally to save space and protect against data hacks.  The cloud environment also makes it easy to recover data and applications if a computer fails.
  4. Portability: Cloud-based data and applications means that it can be accessed on any device (e.g., notebook, tablet or smartphone), anytime, anywhere.  You can start a project at the office and finish it on the road, as well as securely share it with clients and collaborators.  The ability to work remotely helps business owners and their teams achieve a better work-life balance.
  5. Flexibility: Easily adjust to your employees’ and clients’ needs with various applications (“apps”).  You don’t even need to buy a license for each user; most apps offer monthly pay-as-you-go subscriptions for $50 or less.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a part of everyday life.  It’s no longer just for “tech geeks.”  The cloud is a game-changer, enabling small business owners to focus on the business they’re passionate about.

How has cloud technology helped your business?