Is it possible for lemonade stands, one of the humblest small businesses run by budding grade school entrepreneurs, to receive funding relief during COVID-19?

The answer is yes, according to Country Time. The lemonade brand is launching the Littlest Bailout Relief Fund for kidpreneurs and their lemonade stands.

What’s the Littlest Bailout Relief Fund?

Unlike previous summers, summer 2020 will not look the same for aspiring kidpreneurs and their lemonade stands. Social distancing guidelines make it much too difficult for these stands to successfully maintain operations and pay for supplies necessary to make and sell lemonade.

Much like the Economic Impact Payment stimulus checks provided by the IRS earlier this year, Country Times has launched the Littlest Bailout Relief Fund to help local kidpreneurs. Individuals that enter this promotion have the chance to receive an $100 prepaid card. This is provided to kids across the United States that have had to close their lemonade stands because of COVID-19.

Supporting Local Lemonade Stands

This is not the first time Country Time has taken a stand in protecting a kidpreneur’s lemonade stand.

In the summer of 2018, Country Time launched a promotion called Legal-Ade. Many young entrepreneurs were running lemonade stands on the corners of their streets to earn a little extra spending money and learn the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship. However, these same lemonade stands were also being fined. Concession stands, depending on the laws of some towns, must obtain a permit in order to operate — even if they are run by children. Those that do not adhere to permit laws may face a fine for operating their lemonade stands. Worse yet, the stands could be shut down.

The Legal-Ade initiative allowed children fined for running a lemonade stand without a permit to apply for reimbursement. (Parents were welcome to assist their kids with this application, of course.) Submissions for reimbursement were reviewed by Legal-Ade’s team. According to Country Time, up to $300 could be provided in reimbursement to cover permit fines.

This Littlest Bailout Relief Fund, much like its Legal-Ade successor, is the kind of bailout that gives young entrepreneurs a chance to recoup the losses of their summertime lemonade stand.

It also instills a sense of resilience in kidpreneurs. They may use remaining funds to help support other local businesses in need. Or, they may use it to start up another business of their own. If not a lemonade stand, how about a garden or a newspaper delivery route?