In today’s business market you know that embracing technology is important. You use it for day-to-day operations, but you also rely on it for expansion in the future. Analogue phones are becoming a thing of the past and their expansion capabilities are minimal, but their replacements are somewhat of a wonder. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has been around for some time, but the idea of switching to VoIP might make you wonder if it really is the optimal solution for your business.

So how could your business benefit from a business VoIP system? With VoIP technology there are a range of functions and features that make it attractive to businesses of all sizes.

Reduced Costs

Overheads make or break a business, you know that. When you consider your overheads, telephone is certainly one of those charges. When you consider the initial investment, management, installation and maintenance between your analogue system and a VoIP system, VoIP almost always comes out on top.

VoIP simplifies the phone process by consolidating your system to just a single network. Most VoIP plans offer better calling features and options than traditional phone lines – including international calling – that can save you a significant amount in the long run.

No More Complicated Systems

A traditional phone system means you need a phone switch. This mess of wires and hardware is costly and difficult to maintain. Typically you’ll have an in-house technician or on-call technician who manages this system. So, when it breaks down you have to wait for that system to be repaired, which means a significant amount of downtime for your company. VoIP eliminates the phone switch system or the need for a special tech on your emergency dial. You run your system through the VoIP provider’s network – just like email – and get rid of the complicated system altogether.

Internal Business Training

Alongside daily overheads, business training is another common and costly area for many SMEs. Whilst it is an important process for any small business it is can also be a huge drain on resources by taking a multiple members of staff out of action, therefore reducing output within the business. One of the niche features of a VoIP system for business is the coaching tools; listen, whisper and barge. These three options give a manager the ability to listen in on an employee’s call, offering pointers or advice during the call with the whisper feature which the client on the other end cannot hear. This allows the manager to provide training without interrupting normal business operations or a live client call.

This is one of the more advanced VoIP features which can help to revolutionise a business’s efficiency, as it allows staff to advance with training without impacting on productivity.

Additional Customisable Features

Traditional phone systems offer the same bland features like call waiting, voicemail and call forwarding. VoIP, however, can offer additional features that traditional phone companies cannot or that they’d charge you a bucket full to use. Some unique features to VoIP that your phone company cannot offer include:

  • Door and Phone Integration – Does your business have a communication or buzzer system at the door? Instead of answering in person, integrate your door system with your phone. You can speak to the person at the door and buzz them in if need be. If not, you don’t have to leave your desk.
  • Voicemail to Email – It takes time to listen to voicemails, but why not read them when you get the chance? With VoIP your voicemails can be instantly transcribed into email and delivered to your inbox. Not only will you be able to read at your convenience, but names, numbers and important information is already written down for you.
  • Hold Music – A caller listening to nothing while on hold won’t stay on the line long. With VoIP you can give your customers something to listen to while they wait, with the option to customise the music you play.

Lastly, VoIP is user-friendly. You and your employees should find it straightforward to work out your new system quickly and if you can’t, VoIP customer service tends to respond faster than traditional phone companies. You’ll have complete control over your account and with VoIP’s cutting-edge functionality, you can customize your VoIP experience to your business.

For many small business owners, a business VoIP system is rapidly becoming a priority. Good communication is a key area in day to day operations for any company, and when this can be achieved with a system that actually makes the process easier as well as saving money it should be a no brainer for any aspiring SME.