Small Business Finance

Do you know someone whose personal finances are a mess? It could be a friend, it could be a family member. They have a lot of debt. They are always saying, “I can’t”, as in I can’t go there, I can’t do that…because I don’t have the money. They may be working several jobs. They perpetually look tired and worn.

I feel for them – I’ve been there. They are waiting for:

  • A raise
  • A new job
  • An inheritance
  • The lottery

Then it’s all going to change. Unfortunately, it’s likely to be a very long wait. In the meantime their lives suck. Sorry to use such a raw word, but it’s true. Some people live in this place all their lives like your broke Uncle Harry. It’s not so much that bad things are always is happening to Harry, it’s that Harry’s such a mess with his finances it doesn’t matter what happens to him, it’s always a tragedy. Would you change places with Uncle Harry? Would you:

  • Worry
  • Snap at your spouse and kids
  • Not vacation for years
  • Watch every penny
  • Spend tons of time moving stuff around so things don’t bounce

No way Jose.

Don’t do the same thing with your business because you’re not paying attention. Are the same exact symptoms of your friend/family member are present in your business. You’re waiting:

– To be discovered
– For your product to become a hit
– For a money bags investor to take a shine to you

It could be a long wait. In the meantime you’re:

– Skipping exiting marketing ideas
– Skimping on staff, software, and education
– Spend tons of time moving stuff around so things don’t bounce

Stop the madness! It doesn’t have to be this way.

The same concepts that keep your personal finances from overwhelming your life can do the same for your business.

Running a business is like flying a dragon. It’s either totally awesome or you’re getting burned. Good financial practices will keep you in the pilot’s seat rather than singed on the side of a cliff somewhere.

If you’re for flight school, i.e., resources, you can find them here.

If you’ve ever been in personal financial crisis – it’s a scary place. I know. Don’t let inattention or laziness bring that to your business unnecessarily. My job, my goal, is to be sure you’re a Financially Savvy Entrepreneur.