Over the last 5 years or so we have seen many big businesses disappear as a result of the economic downturn.  Reduced employment opportunities have prompted many into the decision of forming their own company.  The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in its annual report, Business Population Estimates, reveals that private business figures have increased for the 12th year in succession.  The vast majority of these companies are either small or micro businesses, with less than 50 or 10 employees respectively.  In total, it is estimated that SME’s make up for 99% of the UK’s 4.8m businesses trading.

The figures are quite startling and demonstrate the level of competition that most small businesses face.  In order to survive in such a competitive environment, it is essential that your business stands out from your rivals.  One area that many smaller enterprises fail to get right is in their branding, much of which comes down to packaging and labelling.  Putting some time and effort into getting your branding right can give your company that big business appearance.

Raising Your Profile

If you are a manufacturing business, be it a producer of organic food or cleaning products, the most obvious type of branding comes in the form of product labelling.  Whilst product labelling is of course important, it is by no means the extent of your branding scope and there are many other areas that you can add your company logo and details in order to raise awareness of the business.

Companies that manufacture or distribute products should look to brand up boxes that their items will be transported in.  This can be done very cheaply through the use of stickers and will serve to keep your company name in the mind of existing customers and thus aid repeat custom.  Where a company provides a service rather than items, it can increase brand awareness by utilising labels in other areas, such as envelope stickers or promotional banners for use on market stalls.  There really is no limit to which companies or organisations can benefit from marketing labels and stickers or how they can be used.  It is just a matter of taking some time to consider where they are best utilised in your business.

Suitable Label Printers

If you are to achieve a professional appearance in your branding it is important to find a reputable printer than can deliver a high quality finish.  Overlooking this task could result in substandard labels and stickers, which can actually damage your business more than having no branded materials at all.

The first step is to find a printed labels producer that uses a digital printer, which is a more cost effective technique for smaller businesses than traditional print methods due to the fact there is little setup time involved.  Be sure to check that the printer that will be used has a resolution of 1,2000dpi, which will produce an extremely clear image.  It will also ensure exact and consistent colour matching, which is vital for ensuring brand identity throughout.

Next, check that your chosen printer specialises in short run print jobs.  If they prefer to work on long run print jobs, typically better suited to larger businesses, it is likely that you will end up paying a premium.  In addition, the turnaround time is liable to be longer than if you go for a short run printer.

Additional Considerations

Finally, before you order labels and packaging, have a think about how and where they will be used.  If for example your produce will be frozen during transportation and display, it is important that your labelling is capable of dealing with low temperatures.  Or perhaps you manufacture stone garden ornaments that will be displayed outside at garden centres, in which case your labelling will need to be waterproof.  It may even be that you require some areas of your labels to be overprinted with gold or silver foil to make them really stand out.  Whatever special requirements you have, take some time to research your list of possible label printers to ensure that they are able to deliver.