A timeline building software is a great tool to bring more clarity to your projects. One key difference between a timeline builder and a regular project management tool is that timeline building applications are more visual in nature. It gives the user a quick snapshot of all projects that is currently underway along with what has been planned for the future. Modern timeline building apps also allow for collaboration and let team members come together to plan their project timelines.

As a small business owner, there are two important factors to consider while shopping for a timeline building tool – the feature list and the price. In this article, we list down five timeline building apps that are best for a small business owner.


Website: https://teamweek.com/

TeamWeek is a cloud based collaborative timeline building tool that offers an intuitive click-and-drag based project management interface. For small businesses that have under five people in the team, TeamWeek is free to use. For larger teams, TeamWeek is still an affordable option starting at $34/month and includes all the premium features like Project view and the Annual view. This is especially useful for event planners, realtors, photographers and other local service businesses that have projects lined up several months in advance.

Free plan : Yes
Free trial : Yes


Website: https://hubbion.com/

Hubbion is essentially a project management app but is also useful to businesses looking for a timeline building option. The app has a ‘Calendar view’ option that lets users view the timeline of all the projects and its status. Hubbion is free to use and at present does not limit users in terms of the number of people they want to collaborate with or the number of projects they handle.

Free plan : Yes
Free trial : Yes

Office Timeline

Website: https://www.officetimeline.com

If you are a business that needs a timeline building tool for your reports, and not necessarily to manage projects, then Office Timeline is a great option to consider. The basic version of the tool is free to use and lets users embed timeline and Gantt charts inside Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel. The Plus Edition of the software costs $49 to $59 and comes with additional options like custom templates, elapsed time management and ‘percentage completion’. Needless to say, since Office Timeline is mostly targeted at users who want to use it for their reports, there is no option to collaborate on projects with other users.

Free plan : Yes
Free trial : Yes


Website: https://www.preceden.com

Preceden (formerly known as TimeRime) is a timeline building app targeted at business users. It is similar to TeamWeek in the sense that it lets users organize their project schedules using an interactive visual interface. There are two key differences between TeamWeek and Preceden however. Firstly, it is not completely collaborative. While users can share their timelines with others in their team, there is no real way for multiple users to come in on one project and build the timeline. Secondly, the tool does not have a truly free pricing plan. While the tool is free to sign up, you can only create one timeline with five events at this price point.

Free plan : Yes (but only one timeline with 5 events)
Free trial : No


Website: https://www.smartsheet.com/

Smartsheet is a handy timeline building tool if your core project related details are stored on third party tools like Microsoft Office or Tableau. Smartsheet makes it easy to integrate with these tools to prepare visually engaging timelines of your projects. While the timeline building features are indeed as good as any other tool, Smartsheet is limited in its collaboration. Project owners can share their projects with an unlimited number of collaborators who may only view or edit these projects – creating or deleting projects are solely under the control of the project owner. This is useful for enterprises with a dedicated project manager, but might be an issue if you want a truly collaborative setup. Smartsheet does not come with a free tool and the individual plan starts at $14/month.

Free plan : No
Free trial : Yes