small business mobile websitesSmall and Mid-Sized Businesses are Not Yet Fully Mobile Compatible

A new report released by BaseKit has shown that a surprising 91% of small business’ websites are not optimized for mobile use. The report took a poll of small and medium sized businesses and questioned them about a variety of technology related topics, including functionality of their website and more.

While a great deal of small businesses do have an online presence, and do use technology and the internet to advertise and market their businesses, most of them are not prepared for the recent surge in mobile use.

510 Small Businesses were surveyed, and of them, only 9% said that they had mobile optimized websites that were accessible to smart phone users. Only about 2/3 of those surveyed said that they managed and updated their own websites, and only 2/3 of those polled used social media to help with online marketing and interaction with customers.

More Customers are Accessing the Web via Smart Phones and Tablets than ever, so small businesses should get with the program.

Small and mid-sized businesses are starting to pick up on the trend, however. According to data from hosting providers, there has been a recent increase in demand for responsive websites, with 45% of users accessing them through a smart phone, tablet or other portable/mobile device.

Companies that want to take advantage of this technology will need to get on board with mobile optimization, and soon. According to recent numbers, over 50% of new traffic to the web comes from smart phones and other mobile devices, and those numbers are only expected to grow in recent years. It is simply smart business to design your website to be mobile-compatible, since so many customers are accessing the web on the go.

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