There’s something about setting New Year’s Resolutions that inspires you to work toward achieving them. Forget that 10 pounds you never can507_4455438seem to lose with your personal resolutions; in the business world, resolutions are essentially goals for your company. Setting them at the start of a new year can give you a fresh start.

The secret is making your goals realistic and actionable. Here are a few to add to your list.

1. I Will Keep Learning

This might mean you’ll keep learning about your industry to stay sharp, or pick up other skills to round out your business knowledge. You can keep learning by reading blog articles, attending webinars, going to conferences, and poring through books. Aim to learn one new skill a month, and by the end of the year, you’ll be an entrepreneurial genius!

2. I Will Take Risks

You already know that running a business means you take on risk, but how much are you actually facing new risks head on? Doing so can take your business to new and exciting heights, so consider expanding, taking on a business loan, or hiring more staff…whatever you’ve been afraid to do.

3. I Will Spend More Time Selling

This is especially pertinent to the solopreneur who does it all in his business. It’s easy to be complacent and satisfied with current customers, but you’ve got to push yourself to find new business. That might mean doing more marketing or investing in a salesperson. Spend at least a few hours a week focused on business development this year.

4. I Will Use Tools to Work Smarter

Whether it’s an app to help you manage your staff schedule or accounting software to keep track of your finances simpler, there are plenty of tools out there that can make your work as an entrepreneur easier. Invest time and money in finding the ones that make you more productive.

5. I Will Network More

Networking can be one of the best ways to build business relationships, but not if you don’t put yourself out there. Aim to attend one new networking event a month, and work on developing those relationships.

6. I Will Reinvest in My Company

Again, applicable to the solopreneur who takes all profits as salary: taking from the coffer keeps your business where it is. Reinvesting profits into it helps you grow. So create a budget this year for what you think will help you the most (see #4) and take the leap.

7. I Will Brand Myself Better Online

Social media, blogs, and forums are excellent platforms to draw attention to yourself as an industry expert. But you’ve got to put the time in to help people find you. Dedicate 1-3 hours a week sharing content, writing content, and providing useful advice on these channels.

8. I Will Update My Business Plan and Goals

Your business is a living, breathing entity. The business plan you wrote years ago may not be exactly relevant today. That’s why it’s important to review it regularly and update it as needed. Mark your calendar monthly to look at it.

9. I Will Continually Innovate

Don’t rest on your laurels and decide that things are “good enough” with your business. You never know how close your competitors are behind you. Instead, constantly find ways to innovate and be creative so you’re always on top.

Image: PhotoSpin