Being a young entrepreneur can present a whole host of unique challenges you may not be ready for. You’ll also be somewhat alone in the business world since you just haven’t had time to meet colleagues and develop partnerships with people who can guide you. That’s where online forums can be really helpful for young entrepreneurs. No matter what sector you’re in, joining these eight forums can really help you get ahead. Over time you’ll probably focus more on one or two than the others, but checking them all out can help you find the right one for your needs and goals.

Essential Forums For Entrepreneurs

    The industry-based groups are what you want here. Look for your particular sector and get to know people who can guide and help you.

  2. Reddit forum
    The Reddit entrepreneur forum is a big one, and it’s also a lot of fun for young people. You’ll not only get good advice from savvy people, but you’ll also have a good time making some new friends in the business world.

  3. Startup Nation
    Designed to help owners of small startups, this forum can put you in touch with people sharing the same boat as you. It’s great for questions and answers too.

  4. Retire at 21
    This forum is for the very young, but it’s got some helpful advice. Older people with experience do post as well!

  5. Teen Aspect
    Also for the young, this forum is perfect for those still in school.

  6. Warrior Forum
    Geared toward online entrepreneurs, this forum costs $37 to join. Is it worth? It is if you want to really maximize your growth as a young entrepreneur.

  7. Intuit
    The Intuit community is all about making connections. Join and you’ll start meeting people who work in your field every single day just like you.

  8. Quora
    Quora is basically a place to ask questions and get answers from people who know what you’re talking about. You can also answer questions, so it’s a great and simple forum for people in the business world who don’t have a ton of free time.