You don’t need lots of money to create an effective marketing campaign. There are many ways you can do marketing without breaking your bank. Here are several cost-effective methods of marketing for your small business.

1. Use smart advertising

Big businesses create their advertisements so that their names can be more recognized, and to create more future sales. And as a small business, you may not afford that. So, design your advertisements to produce more sales. Include an offer in the ad, and also create a way for the customer to respond to your ad.

2. Create a cheaper version

Some people are not willing to pay your asking price. While others simply want to pay a low price; they don’t care about getting the best quality. So, you need to cater for them so that you don’t lose sales. Thus, create a stripped-down or a smaller version of your product or service and offer it at a cheaper price.

3. Offer a premium version

Not all the people want a cheap price. Many of them are willing to buy a premium product or service. You can boost the sale size and revenue by giving a comprehensive product or service, or by combining several goods or services to create a premium package at a higher price.

4. Use unusual marketing protocols

You need to engage unconventional marketing strategies that are overlooked by your competitors. You may be surprised to bump into very profitable methods of generating sales and beat your competitors. For example, you can print a perfect small ad on a postcard and mail it to your target market. This alone can drive high traffic volume to your site, or generate huge sales leads at a small cost.

5. Trim your ads

Reduce the size of your ads so that you can produce more ads at the same price. You may find that these sorts of ads produce a better response than longer ones.

6. Create joint promotions with other companies

Get non-competing businesses that serve customers in your market. You can offer to give publicity to their products or services in exchange for them to publicize your products and services to their clients. This kind of cross-promotion can be done at a low cost, but it will produce a large number of sales.

7. Use your customers

As you have been doing business with your clients, you have built trust with them, and they know you. It is easier to get more referrals from them than anyone who has never bought your products. You can take advantage of this relationship. Create special deals for your customers. Offer them new products or services before you advertise them to the general market. Turn your customers into publicity agents for your business. Offer them an incentive to tell their friends and associates how valuable your products and services are.

You don’t need millions of dollars to create an effective marketing strategy. Turn your customers into marketing agents, and offer premium versions of your products to generate more sales.