A lot of small and medium-sized businesses are turning to Facebook as a way to promote their products and services, but they don’t know where to start. Here are 7 tips for using the social media platform to grow your small business.

Add your locations to your page

Storemapper Facebook Store Locator

If you have a Facebook Business Page for your brand, one of the best ways to get more customers is to include a map on your page of where to find your location(s). You can easily and quickly add locations to your Facebook Business Page with the help of Storemapper.

Optimize your profile page

Facebook Business Pages help visitors and customers find relevant information about your business. On your profile page, make sure that you include:

  • Your business address for all locations
  • Contact information, like phone number and email
  • Labeled tabs to make it easy to find important information, like events, careers, and maps.

When your profile information is organized and easy to navigate, your visitors will use this page to reference when they need to learn something about your business.

Create a content and engagement strategy

Facebook Content Strategy

To be successful at Facebook, your small business needs to create a content and customer engagement strategy. This means posting content regularly but always focusing on delivering relevant information to your audience.

That information can be:

  • Interactive content like polls
  • Informative articles
  • Social events
  • Industry and seasonal trends
  • Popular topics related to your business area

Having a content calendar on your feed will help ensure people visit your profile more often, searching for relevant information and engaging with your business and brand.

Work on your Facebook Story strategy

Not every business uses Facebook Stories as a part of their content strategy. Still, some specialists say that this is a relevant channel to share information and engage potential customers.

When you create your content strategy, make sure you include this channel in your plans. And remember that on Facebook Stories, you don’t need to publish only business news – use this channel to share fun and exciting content to attract your customers’ attention.

Use Facebook as a channel for customer support

Customers reach out on social media channels when they are looking for support about a service or product. So, your Facebook page is not only a content channel but also a customer support one.

In that case, make sure you can guide your customers to solve issues or reply for a positive review on the platform.

Have a budget for paid ads

Facebook Ads

Adding a paid budget to advertise some of your content and posts on Facebook is an excellent way to increase your brand’s reach.

Since the competition for showing up on a Facebook user feed is high, paying to get some of your posts to show up on their pages is a way to reach more people and increase your brand (or business) awareness.

Keep an eye on your competitors

We always have something to learn from our competitors, especially when it comes to social media. Remember to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing on their Facebook Pages. You might get some good ideas for content and posts, see what relevant topics they are not covering, and understand how their audience interacts with it.

You don’t have to be a social media expert or marketing guru to get the most out of Facebook. These 7 tips should help you start getting more customers, leads, and sales from your Facebook page.

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