gym mobile appsAll of these new mobile strategies are wonderful, sure. It’s great that people can pop out their mobile device and look up my business. But is a mobile app and mobile website are really worth the money?


Below are six simple ways that going mobile helps boost your bottom line.

1. Increased visits and purchases

This is the most basic one. When someone in your area does a mobile search, and you have a mobile website, you make it a lot more likely that they’ll be heading into your location to do business. Put simply, having a mobile website opens up a new channel to help you connect with customers. As a result, you’ll see more of them.

Nothing complex about it, really. Having a mobile website just makes you visible to a whole new audience.

2. Avoid the “non-mobile penalty”

If a mobile searcher comes to your site, and it isn’t mobile-optimized, they’re going to have a bad time. This will lead them to avoid your site, and potentially your business, in the future. The reality is, a non-mobile site is too slow, too difficult to use, and too unfriendly, while a mobile-optimized site is a pleasure to use. If you don’t want to drive mobile searchers into the arms of competitors, a mobile site is a must.

A mobile app takes the mobile experience further and can help drive customer loyalty. Having trouble increasing repeat buyers? Having trouble getting buyers to come back after their first visit? Try offering a loyalty system using a mobile app to reward customers for becoming repeat buyers. This has been proven to be an effective marketing strategy!

3. Take market share from competitors

Be on the right side of the equation. Businesses that have mobile apps and mobile sites are continuously earning sales that could have gone to the competition. But if the competition doesn’t have a mobile app or site, you’ve got a mobile monopoly! We don’t need to tell you how valuable being the only game in town can be (but we will anyway) – it’s a huge advantage for your business!

4. Connect with new customers

People who already know about your business are a valuable segment of the market, but new customers are always welcome, right? Businesses spend plenty of money trying to reach new customers through mailers, local ads, circular coupons, events, and more, but a mobile app is a simple, cost-effective, 24/7 way to pull in new customers with a plethora of engaging features.

5. Increased inquiries, calls, and information sharing

Even if a searcher doesn’t come to your location right away, you can plant the seed with a mobile site. They can learn that you’re out there. Next time, they’ll be that much warmer to the idea of using your business. By opening up an avenue for communications, you’ll increase awareness and ultimately boost sales.

There you have it. Mobile sites and mobile apps can help you make money in a number of proven ways!

If you’d like to get yours started with one of the most popular, easiest-to-use platforms out there, click here to learn more.