mobile loyalty appsLoyalty programs have been around for a long time now, but mobile loyalty programs are growing very quickly, as more and more small businesses put them in place. Why are the programs becoming so popular? The six reasons below set things straight. If you’re on the fence about adopting a mobile loyalty program in your small business, this post will help you see how valuable they can be.

1. Drive activity and boost revenue

This is obviously the biggest benefit for most small businesses. Mobile loyalty programs give customers an extra reason to stop by and make a purchase. Each sale, while rewarding on its own, now becomes a little bit more exciting for the customer as they build towards whatever benefit you have offered. When a customer is close to a reward, it’s very hard to stay away. Mobile loyalty programs take advantage of this and create a bit of extra energy around your business.

2. Ease of administration

Traditional loyalty programs with punch cards that need to be printed up, fake purchase detection to worry about, and other issues, can add tasks and costs that you simply don’t need.

A mobile loyalty program, on the other hand, is easy to administer.

You can change it as needed from your dashboard (if you built your app using Bizness Apps, that is), there are no cards to carry around and remember, and everything is handled on users’ mobile devices.

Clean, elegant, and cost-effective – mobile loyalty programs make things very simple.

3. Reduce churn and improve loyalty

Mobile loyalty programs give customers a reason to choose you over the competition. This helps you bring down churn and improve customer loyalty. In short, when a customer thinks about his or her options, you’ll have given them a reason to choose you.

No surprise there. After all, they are called mobile “loyalty” programs!

4. Address loyalty program fatigue

A big stack of cards in your wallet or purse is no fun. People might carry a few cards for their favorite companies, but most people have a limit to how many they’ll bother with. Mobile loyalty programs cut right through the fatigue, and make it easy for people to participate without having to carry anything around. Once everything is on a mobile device, there’s nothing more to worry about.

5. Improve customer satisfaction

If your business is struggling to keep customers happy, a nice way to improve their experience is to offer a mobile loyalty program. It shows that you appreciate your regulars, and that you’re willing to give back a little, as well. Generosity can go a long way toward pleasing your customer base.

6. Track customer activity

Mobile loyalty programs help you see what rewards are motivating, how fast people redeem rewards, and more. Additional info can almost always give you insight into your customers’ minds, and can often help you improve operations. By offering a mobile loyalty program, you may learn valuable facts about your customers and your business.

Mobile loyalty programs are a great way to boost your business and keep customers happy. Everybody wins! Click here to learn more about the mobile loyalty apps offered by Bizness Apps.