If you haven’t noticed, its Olympic season in Rio. If you have noticed, you are armchair-clutching, edge-of-your-seat watching, and stand-on-your-feet rooting for your favorite athlete to win gold and set him or herself apart from the competition. If you also are a business owner, you may be able to capitalize on this hype and build a steady flow of business and sales while people have Olympic fever. In this post we will review five ways your business can capitalize on the Olympic hype and create engaging ways to bring in new customers.

  1. Offer Olympic-sized discounts based on medal counts.

Medal counts are one of the most talked about factors of the Olympics. How many one country has over the other, down to how many each individual has from each country, is highlighted and talked about. Use this to your advantage. Offer a percentage off based on total medal counts for a specific athlete, a country, you name it! Update it each day and keep customers coming back as the medal count rises.

  1. Use creative, Olympic-themed marketing slogans.

There are so many story lines surrounding the Olympics that you can play off of to create interesting marketing material. Use intriguing taglines for your marketing efforts. Slogans like Bolt into Savings, Simone says “come on down,” or Take a final lap in our clearance sale, will give your business the Olympic sprit and turn a few heads at the same time. Who knows what storylines will develop, but if you stay active with the latest events, customers will take notice and remember your name even after the torch goes out.

  1. Offer products geared towards the Olympics.

You don’t need to run an athletic store or a gym to capitalize on offering products geared towards the Olympics. It is not just about the events, but the people, the countries represented, and the medals. If you sell clothes, offer discounts on sporting apparel featured in the events. If you sell food and drink products, offer products that athletes would use at a discounted rate. Do you offer travel services? Showcase a package fit for any Olympian (whether you are in Rio or not).

  1. Create an Olympic event or contest.

Businesses that interact with their customers often generate more sales and leads in the future. Why not showcase your business by creating an Olympic-themed event for your community? Offer gift cards for customers who compete in events, guess Olympic-based trivia questions correctly, or do their best Olympic impressions. With endless options and fun contests to be held, it is a win-win to offer such interactive business events.

  1. Share a funny company video–Olympic style.

There are a lot of couch watchers who think they could run as fast, jump as high, or spike a volleyball as hard as the athletes at the Olympics. Gather some co-workers and make a fun video of you attempting similar events featured in the Olympics to show how difficult it really is. Film your coworker running a 200-meter and display their time against the gold medal winner’s time. Film your company doing a relay race in the pool and compare your company record with the current record-holder’s results on the screen. Have fun with the fact that watching from the couch is much different. That will help customers get off their couch and head down to a fun, creative store like yours.

When it comes to generating business and buzz, staying current with the most relevant topics on consumers’ minds will help increase your exposure, sales, and leads for Olympic season and beyond. By capitalizing on the Olympic hype, your business can rise to gold and set yourself on pace for a record year. Enjoy the Olympics and have fun boosting your revenue at the same time.