2At a startup or small business, every employee is crucial to the success of the company. So how do you know you’ve hired the right ones to drive results? Here are 5 signs you hired the wrong employee:

Ready for the red carpet.

Did you previously agree upon a set schedule of 8:30-5:30 working hours, only to have your freshly hired employee ask for an adjustment? Or maybe your new hire is asking for a sick or vacation day right away? Asking for special treatment right from the beginning of employment is a huge red flag for startup or small business owners. Not only could this signify a poor work ethic, but also a disregard for company rules and agreed upon terms.

Constantly complaining.

In a small business or startup, the energy of every employee factors into the atmosphere of the company. Having someone who is constantly pointing out the flaws in everything and complaining about daily tasks has the potential to sink the entire company’s morale. Besides, most employees tend to have a pair of rose-colored glasses on for the first few months, only seeing the good in the company. If someone is immediately complaining when they get hired, this is a sign they are not fit for life in the office.

Doing just enough to get by.

During the first few weeks of employment, most new hires will use this time to make a great first impression with their boss. Staying extra hours, taking on additional assignments, and networking with other co-workers are pretty much expected from brand new employees. If your new hire is doing the bare minimum to get by, clocking in and out right on the dot, and already trying to fly under the radar, chances are this employee is not fit for your company.

Making mistakes…over and over.

It’s understandable for employees to come on board and make mistakes in the beginning. No one can naturally understand how to do everything at a new job without thorough training. However, if your new hire makes a mistake, is corrected and retrained, and continues to make the same mistakes, this is a bigger issue. Making similar mistakes over and over shows a lack of focus and commitment to learning the new role, so send this employee packing.

Can’t let the past go.

Starting with a new company means letting the past go, but if your new hire can’t seem to stop talking about his or her former job, this could be a warning sign you hired the wrong person. Remember, if this employee talks badly about his or her former job, chances are, he or she will talk badly about your company in the future. Does your company do things a little different? Beware of employees who say things like “well, that’s not how we did it at XYZ Distributors”. New hires should be ready to accept a new company culture, meet new people, and forget about how they were treated by previous employers.

Have you ever regretted hiring an employee? What warning signs did they show? Tell us in the comments below!