5 quick small business startup ideas online. Pic by stockmonkeys

Starting a small business online is now quicker and easier than ever, but you still need a good idea that’s going to allow you to make money fast.

In fact, one of the most important aspects of succeeding in online business is the ability to generate a cash flow as early as possible.

This means that startup ideas need to be easy to quick and easy to setup without requiring a huge investment in capital.

Check out these five great ideas for starting and online business without spending a lot of time and money getting set up.

Small business startup ideas

The great advantage of having an online business is that it is accessible to anyone at any time. The problem is that there is so much content online that it is hard to get noticed in the first place.

When brainstorming business ideas, it is important to go for something that you are interested and passionate about, that also has a market that can be reached relatively cheaply (like people in your own neighborhood, or city).

This list focuses on precisely those type of ideas.

1. Hyper niche eCommerce store

It’s really difficult to start a big online shopping site because you are immediately competing with the likes of Amazon.

But, it is possible to make a name for yourself by becoming the “best” place to buy a single product. Getting to the top of one small niche is more valuable than getting to the middle of a big pile of competitors.

[idea]: Why not sell mens’ socks online – men hate going to shopping malls to buy socks. It’s a grudge purchase, so why not make life easier for them?

Starting an eCommerce site is now super fast and easy, and costs only a few dollars per month using one of the leading shopping carts.

This idea has the added advantage of allowing you to focus your marketing content and SEO in one region, which will help you climb the search engine rankings to drive plenty of juicy organic search traffic.

2. Local food delivery

If you live in a town or built up area, there are plenty of hungry office workers who might like to have their gourmet sandwiches or burgers delivered to their building.

Pick a food niche that has a nice marketing “hook” – go for the healthy option, go for the gourmet option, go for adventurous meals, and so on.

Setting up an online store to allow people to order online is super easy with a hosted shopping cart like Shopify (the fastest growing shopping cart software on the market). It’s free to try out, so you don’t have to risk any cash outlay.

The advantage of this idea is that you can have great flyers designed and printed using an affordable and fast online printing service, and blanket your neighborhood for cost effective advertising.

3. Affiliate blogging

If you enjoy writing and can attract and engage people with your words, then there is plenty of money to be made by becoming an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate quick and easy startup because you make commission on sales of products and services without having to manufacture, warehouse, and deliver.

Better yet, why not get a bunch of friends together to start up a communal blog in order to create as much great content as possible. The more high quality content you have, the more organic search traffic, and the more money you make.

Starting an affiliate blog is a cinch. Simply pick a niche to write on (preferably one that has some industry behind it), set up your website using one of the leading website builders, and get writing.

Learn more about which blog topics are the most profitable, and which affiliate marketing programs are the best.

4. Advice columnist

Are you an expert at something, anything?

Baby boomers, in particular, have plenty of business and life experience to offer, and taking this advice online is a great way to make money.

Start a website and offer free advice to your readers. This will allow you to build up plenty of great content over time, and this content can be monetized by selling advertising via Google AdWords, and direct to interested advertisers.

Grow your business by finding other experts and influencers in the same or closely related niches, and get them to answer questions for your site. In return, they get exposure to your audience and a chance to grow their own influence and visibility.

5. Sell homemade

Are you creative? Do you love arts and crafts? Can you make quality products?

There is a growing demand for “craft” type products in almost every niche.

One of my favorite hangouts is a craft brewery. The craft beers served there are three times the price of a normal beer, but it’s still worth it – people are looking to make lifestyle choices, instead of buying the same mass produced stuff over and over.

Again, setting up an online store is quick and easy. And, you can supplement your online marketing & blog content by attending local arts and crafts markets.

Make a name for yourself on the local scene before breaking into the big time nationally, or internationally. Make sure that all your business cards are professionally designed and printed to include your online store address.

So those are my ideas for super quick and easy small business startup ideas. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration to take the plunge and get an online business up and running.

What other ideas do you have for cash generating online businesses that don’t take a lot of investment? Share your tips in the comments.