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Nowadays, whatever your industry, potential clients and customers are bombarded with advertisements, promises and logos to the point of over-saturation. This is perhaps especially true of businesses online, but something similar is happening in print and onscreen too.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to stand out. Your business needs to catch the eye of a client or customer — and stay on their mind — for all the right reasons. This is not simply about having the most memorable logo, discounts, or outlandish promises. It is about connecting with those who align with your business values and will genuinely benefit from what you have to offer.

Read on to discover five simple but powerful ways that can help your business to stand out from the competition!

  1. Excellent Service

The old saying goes that, while people may not remember exactly what you said or did, they will always remember how you made them feel.

This is not only true interpersonally but also in terms of business. Offering excellent and attentive customer service helps customers to form and retain a positive image of you and your business — even if there are challenges along the way.

Excellent service comes down to anticipating the needs of your client or customer and communicating effectively with them. Ideally, you will be available to answer any of their concerns or queries, and remain especially attentive if things have not gone to plan.

Excellent service does not have to be about freebies and discount codes — although they may be appreciated! It is more about genuine care, connection, and communication.

Value your customers, and they will value your business.

  1. Accreditations And Certifications

If your industry uses or recognises professional accreditation and certification, consider applying for them. Accreditations are a great way to effectively communicate to potential customers that you are qualified and trustworthy.

The best accreditations can also make you eligible for jobs that you would not otherwise be eligible for. A certificate or stamp of approval can be an instant, visual mark of quality — as well as ensuring that your staff and personnel are up to code and adequately trained.

There are some differences between accreditations and certifications that you may have to research — but both can be very valuable when it comes to standing out.

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  1. Clarity Of Message

One of the best ways to stand out from your competition in business is to have great clarity of message. Know exactly what it is you offer, what problems you solve, and who will most benefit from your products and services.

This allows you to direct your advertisements and copywriting to this specific demographic. Know what value you can provide, and communicate that effectively to your prospective clients and customers.

You do not need to be too broad with this – having a clear, specific message and delivering a service to an extremely high standard will be enough.

If you are struggling to communicate your message or the value of your business effectively, — whether on your website, on tender applications, or more — consider hiring professional writers such as copywriters or bid writers, as specialists like these can help you get more work.

Together they can help you to craft a message that is clear, bespoke, and persuasive.

  1. Know Your Values

Linked to your clarity of message is knowing your values and those of your business. What do you stand for, protect, and value? In business, this might include a commitment to worker wellbeing, for example, or reducing your carbon footprint. It might also involve education and providing skills and training, or improving your local community.

Whatever your values in business, being clear about what they are and how you can live them in practice is a great way to not only stand out from the competition, but also to make meaningful connections with like-minded businesses and customers.

Know your values, and you will naturally attract opportunities and clients that align with them.

  1. Engagement

Standing out from the competition can be as simple as making sure to engage with your customers. This can also be regarded as an aspect of tip number 1: providing excellent service.

Engagement might mean responding promptly and politely to any enquiries they may have, or even offering short free consultations for prospective clients and customers.

Engagement can also be more indirect — through a variety of social media posts, blog posts, or live-streamed events. A variety of engagement styles — direct and indirect, online and in-person — can be a great way to ensure that you stand out and are always at the forefront of your potential customer’s mind.

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