Streamlining the entire work process and improving the workflow is not so difficult once you have the right resources, correct planning and proper set of tools. It is important to identify unproductive and redundant activities and manage them with ease. Here are top 5 tools that can help you automate and streamline your business processes:


Ever wondered how easier it would be to manage the purchases of your entire organization using one piece of software? SMART by GEP procurement software allows you to manage your entire source-to-pay process. Source-to-pay describes the set of processes that encompass the entire procurement and purchasing cycle. It starts with the identification of an opportunity for business-wide savings and ends with payment to the supplier. This all-in-one tool lets buyers manage supplier relationship, contracts, purchase orders and invoices, giving the enterprise easy access to contracted supplier catalogs. It automates, streamlines and accelerates the entire procurement to payment process and gives you full control of your purchasing requirements. Fully-automated purchase order processing helps the procurement team achieve more in less time. Overall, it drives savings, reduces cost and enhances collaboration with colleagues and suppliers.

2. PipeDrive

Every sales process includes a pipeline and this tool allows you to see and measure your sales pipeline’s strengths and weaknesses. It lets you identify the activities that are needed to close sales. The main motto behind PipeDrive is “activity-based selling”. Relevant features in this software include pipeline management, creating records, creating goals and activities, sales reporting and sales forecasting. It has support for mobile app and email integration and set of APIs that allows you to import and export data.

3. Slack

With the tagline “be less busy”, Slack aims to minimize communication and improve productivity. Communication is one of the vital aspects that powers your entire team’s performance. Inappropriate, untimely or inaccurate communication hampers team growth and reduces revenue. With Slack, it is possible for you to minimize the noise in communication and create a smooth flow of proper messaging reaching the correct team member in real time. Slack allows you to organize your team’s conversation in open channels for a transparent view. It also lets you create private channels for more confidential communication. You can also send direct messages or share files with your team members using easy drag and drop features.

4. Doodle

Where there is business, there are meetings! Doodle aims to solve the problem of meeting scheduling. You can create meeting fixtures on the go and arrange a meeting at a mutually agreed time. Scheduling a date will not be a problem if you regularly meet with multiple people. You only need to fill out a simple form with the title, location, and description of the event. The entered information is visible on the poll that lets participants know exactly what the event is.

5. Deputy

Managing your staff is not easy as you might think. Deputy is an awesome staff management software system that handles employee scheduling, time and attendance, task delegation, employee utilization and productivity and employee communication. Often business owners find themselves engaged in tasks that do not add to the overall productivity of the organization. This is why it is necessary to implement software such as Deputy that lets everyone focus more on results and less on time-consuming activities. You can create schedules with instant notifications sent to each employee, you can automate your timesheets, monitor time and attendance, streamline approvals from timesheets to payrolls, allow employees to connect to team communication via their mobile devices and also reward the top performers.

Are you currently using any other tools to automate your work process? Please share with us in the comments below.