Running a small business is one of the toughest balancing acts in life. Sales, marketing,
 accounting and ultimately, making enough money to pay yourself (and your employees and
suppliers) can be a tough juggling act, particularly when you’re new to the market and trying 
to establish a loyal client base.

With remote working continuing to rise in popularity, more and more workers are no longer
 relying on traditional office space, as spare rooms, lounges and coffee shops become the
 choice of hot desk for many start ups and small business owners.

I asked to tell me the best mobile apps available for small 
business owners to manage their business on the go. It turns out, there’s far more than just LinkedIn out

For networking: CamCard (iOS and Android)

Ever visited a trade show or exhibition and amassed hundreds of business cards that end up
 getting lost, defaced or forgotten altogether? CamCard is the perfect tool for scanning 
business cards and storing the contact details of potential new business contacts.

Named as the Top Paid App on the Apple Store in 2014, the app is able to extract and save
core information such as names, phone numbers and emails almost instantly – following up
prospective customers has never been easier.

The app also allows you to add key notes about each individual contact and can recognise 17
different languages including English, French, German and Korean.

For instant office access: Google Drive (iOS and Android)

Gone are the days of floppy disks and memory drives for saving your work, it’s all about cloud
software now. Google Drive is a free tool that grants you to access all your files from a
 smartphone, tablet or computer.

As well as authorising continued working away from your desk, Google Drive allows the
 sharing of files and images with others who can then make live additions or amends to your
 work wherever you are.

Saving documents to Google Drive also provides a safe and secure backup option if servers
 fail or files become corrupted.

For accounting and payments: QuickBooks Accounting (iOS and Android)

Many small business owners cite accounting and finance as their biggest bugbear, so having
 the tools to keep your books running like clockwork is essential, particularly as your business
 grows and more transactions are paid.

QuickBooks Accounting allows users to create invoices, take payments, monitor profit and
loss and manage expenses, all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

The app also allows you to easily share financial reports and data with accountants and
 financial advisors, improving collaboration and saving time.

For hotel bookings: (iOS and Android)

Growing your business will require some legwork with the occasional overnight stay;’s Hotel and Reservations app has your back.

The app allows you to instantly search for nearby hotels to your destination, which can be filtered based on the quality of reviews, amenities and of course, price.

Paperless check-in and confirmation means that you don’t have to carry around piles of paper
 on your travels, which accompanied with your new cloud-based software, means you really
 can be paper-free if you want to!

For getting around: Trainline UK (iOS and Android)

Downloaded by 9.4 million people already, Trainline UK has allowed people across the UK to
 save, on average, 43 per cent on their train fares – important for saving crucial pounds on
 expenses accounts.

Planning your journey is very simple with this app, which provides live updates on train times and platform information in the palm of your hand.

Tickets can be collected from over 1,000 national rail stations, with mobile ticketing available on selected routes.