Many small businesses every day struggle with the sagging  economy. Also, budget problems can be complex and their owners must build up credit and provide financials worthy in order to secure business loans and lines of credit they need to grow.

It’s very difficult for small companies to find and keep customers that make you a profit nowadays when people and businesses just don’t spend.

So, they need to highlight themselves as different and better from the competition. In other words, they must make their own brand recognition in the community and the marketplace.

In my opinion, on of the biggest problems faced by small businesses today is in hiring  good employees that will make your business grow.

Top employees are always searching  for jobs that offer exceptional benefits (the best  health care) and pay.

If you have a small business you usually don’t have time and money to compete with the larger businesses for the most talented employees. You must come up with more creative ways to find the good candidates for talents your company need.

Each company depends on the people who work there, so you must check their knowledge, skills, and ability to cooperate with other people before you hire them.

It’s always extremely  important for your business to hire a right people for the job  because wrong hiring could seriously harm your business.

Wait a minute, I had no intention to scare you with all this facts.

All you need is simple hiring philosophy and you will succeed.

I’ve managed to hire hard- working, intelligent, and responsible people who are good conversationalists, interested in technology, friendly (yet professional) with whom I enjoy working with.

You can do it too. Just follow this 5 tips which will  help you optimize your hiring process

1. Don’t hire full time to start with

Let’s say that you are buying a new car. Common sense tells you to check for all car specification, its consumption and request a test drive before you give a lot of money for it.

It’s exactly the same thing with hiring people.  

Hiring a full-time employee is not always the best decision for your company, considering the effect this hiring might have on your company’s bottom line.

My advice is to ask candidates to complete a task or project before you offer them a full-time  job.

Also, you can hire them as freelancers for a month (or two) and then seal the deal. I think that this is the best way for you to find right people for the job in your company.

As a future employer, you have every right to check whether the good skills from candidates resume works in practice. So, before, you commit, you need to be sure that skills and personality of candidates such as work ethic, productivity,  and the ability for team work suit your business needs.

2. Make sure your current employees are involved

The best way to hire the best candidate for the job in your company is to involve your existing employees in your cause. At the end, they are the ones who will work with this person on a daily basis.

It’s a fact, no one can know your company better than your own team. That’s why you should ask them to search for most talented and interesting people who will bring fresh talents and skills to the team.

For example, you can engage your employees in the recruiting process by giving the reward (cash bonus or some kind of gift cards) to one member of your staff that bring the best candidate for the job.   

In my opinion, that kind of stimulation is the most effective way to find excellent candidates.

Make sure you current employees are happy.

Don’t neglect your staff and compensate them fairly for their efforts and create room for their professional growth. Boost their morale by making your company a more attractive place to work.

3. Organize your recruiting process

How many times have you walked into a meeting  with someone with a million and one  things on your mind and forgot to ask the most  important questions? It happens.

If you have  an interview with a potential employee you must  outline that process from beginning to it’s very end.

You are probably thinking that this is a no brainer but  hiring is an inconsistent process, especially for small and growing businesses.

It’s very important to make a hiring plan and stick to it. Don’t let yourself skip a step or two just because you think it will make your hiring process more efficient.

Listen and test  your candidates during the interview. Ask them questions like: “Why you think that you are the best candidate for the job?” Let them describe and maybe demonstrated  the skills that are important for success in the role you are offering.

Then  sit back and listen. Don’t be the kind of bosses who talk way too much during the interview. That is the only way to learn about the person behind the skills they say they have.  This is a very important thing to do because  this employee is going to make up a sizable portion of your staff.

4. Use non-conventional recruiting methods like craigslist

Craigslist is a website with classified advertisements  for jobs, sale, housing, services, gigs, resumes, etc. It’s can be a good strategy to look for employees using Craigslist.

So, if you want to find great employees you need to know how to filter candidates and to choose only persistent ones that will be a good fit for your business.

You need to make your potential employee to work for it.  Just require more work from them, make a list of things they should do in order to apply and get the chance to be invited to an interview. Once they’ve read the entire post, ask them to use the subject line you requested (for example “I want to work for you”) or something like that.

That is the only way to filter candidates that just send their generic cover letter and resume and wait for you to contact them. So, if they don’t follow your instructions, their applications will be deleted without you even having to look at their responses.

Remember, never hire anyone based only on their application to your Craigslist ad. Use this web site just as a way to find potentially good candidates for the job in your company. Include a phone and live interview to your recruitment process in order to learn a little bit more about your future members of your team.

5. Always think about hiring

Start to think about everyone you meet as your potential employee. Just keep your database full of names of people you have met and would like to work with in the future.

Mark them as  ‘prospective hires’ and keep casual contact and build a relationship with someone who you see as a great candidate in the future.

Play fair and reply to every single applicant, which you think it could be good for your company in 6 or 12 months. That person may not be a good fit for the job they applied for, but you should tell him/her that you will probably have another open position for them in the future.

You can never know when you will need just a person with that kind of personality and skills for another job that would be perfect for them.

Most employers don’t bother to answer the mail to candidates who do not meet their criteria. If you ask me, such unprofessional approach will almost certainly  result in  the fact that candidates  that can be a good fit for some other job in the future never apply to them again.

So, try to give individual responses to all applicants because that approach builds goodwill.

You can never know, maybe some of those applicants will appreciate such gesture and send you a contact of their friend or some other person that they think may be a good fit for that position.

Always keep data in your computer which provides information about candidates and their skills such as problem-solving, innovation, task management and many others. You never know when you will need just that profile of the employee in the future.


Always remember that taking short-cuts in the hiring process will not get you to good  employees. Intention to put someone behind a desk as quickly as possible can  very likely cause regrets in the long-term.

You must understand that hiring the right person for the job takes time and money.

Don’t try to save in the wrong place by hiring the cheapest candidate. Always hire the best person, no meter if you need to spend more.

Be patient and always have in mind that bad hire can endanger  or even destroy everything you worked so hard for.

Make a clear job description and always be honest about the role.  Never make false promises about the position and avoid setting up the candidates (and ultimately yourself) for disappointment.

Be truthful about what you expect from your staff members, from overtime work to frequent business trips. This way you will filter candidates and discard those who aren’t truly a good fit for the job.

Trust me, you don’t want for your a new employee to start working and then feel like a victim of your lies.

You can’t do all hiring work by yourself. You will need other people to help you grow your business.

If you run a small business and don’t have many employees (or this is your firs hiring) you are probably doing most of the work by yourself so you must decide which of your skills are most valuable to the company and search for them in your hiring process.