Mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp may have brought down the value proposition of the humble SMS, but its ubiquity continues unhindered. Multiple studies have pointed out that text messages are one of the best performing marketing channels with more than 98% open rate and nearly 36% click through rate. Compare this with email marketing where even a 25% open rate is considered good. But while almost all kinds of businesses engage in email marketing, there are relatively fewer businesses, mostly local businesses, that take SMS marketing seriously. One of the main reasons is the lack of awareness regarding the kind of software tools available to automate your SMS marketing needs.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best SMS marketing tools available in the market today.

1. Hubbion

Hubbion is a multi-channel marketing automation tool for small and medium businesses. The tool lets users reach out to their contact list over any of the several platforms like SMS, MMS, email, fax, voice and even postcards. Besides the multi-channel aspect of it, there are two reasons why Hubbion finds itself in the top of this list. Firstly, Hubbion comes with a sophisticated automation system that allows users to customize their outgoing response and engagement based on incoming text messages. Secondly, it is easier on the wallet and does not require monthly subscriptions. Users can buy credits that do not expire and it costs anywhere between 2 to 3 cents to send a message.

2. Enger

Enger is a pure-play SMS marketing tool that is useful for businesses looking to create SMS marketing lists. It enables businesses to embed lead capture forms on their website and also schedule future messages to their audience. The tool also comes with mobile web customization, real-time analytics and easy unsubscription. There are two main differences from Hubbion. Firstly, this is a dedicated SMS marketing platform. Secondly, users will need to subscribe to a monthly subscription fee that starts at $10 per month.

3. TextingBase

The objective of TextingBase is to establish connections with your target group and follow up with personally until they are ready to buy. The features on the product include scheduled messaging, personalized SMSes and contact management. The tool also lets you keep track of your contacts’ birthdays, anniversaries and holidays in order to wish your contacts on these specific days. Alternately, you may also categorize them by location in order to send location-specific messages. TextingBase is suited for sales executives and has a starting price of 4 cents per message.

4. FirstHive

FirstHive is suitable for businesses that have large opt-in lists (think thousands). The service lets customers craft SMS, email and social media marketing campaigns through their platform. Besides creating and sending SMS/email/social messages, FirstHive also comes with a basic reporting dashboard to help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns. Beyond the free thirty day trial, FirstHive costs users $41.67 per month (billed annually) and makes it possible to reach out to as many as 10000 subscribers. Given the annual billing and the large subscriber base, the product is only value for money if you have lots of opt-in subscribers for your SMS marketing channel.

5. Mozeo

Mozeo is one of the relatively more popular SMS marketing tools available in the market today. Similar to Hubbion, Mozeo too lets users buy credits to send SMSes. However, you have to commit to buying a certain volume of messages in order to get them at a cheap price. SMS marketing over Mozeo starts at 3 cents per message and besides the ability to broadcast messages, users also have the ability to send email messages, filter mobile keywords for automation and create landing pages. Do note that Mozeo focuses on the US and Canada regions alone and does not have global coverage like the other tools mentioned in the list.