The Coronavirus has been trending on social media since the spread began and has raised debates and heated arguments online over the cause and origin of the pandemic. It is recommended that people heed to the advice of world health agencies as well as local health care experts on the virus. Another perfect way to help curb the spread of the virus is by keeping a reasonable distance from other people or the social environment, which leads us to the term Social Distancing.

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Since the world health experts are advising people to self-quarantine and avoid coming in contact with large crowds. It will be best if you consider starting one of these online businesses from home and start earning some extra cash:

#1 Selling Products: Selling products from the comfort of your home is an added advantage to our generation. Now, most people don’t have to think about how to start up their own website to sell their products online because the Amazon marketplace, the largest online market in the world has got them covered on that. The Amazon marketplace is in high demand for sellers to come on board and start making sales through their platform. Statistically, it is not a surprise that the demands for some products are increasing in detail because most people tend to purchase more products than usual because of the panic.

Amazon has witnessed an increase in demand for products in large quantities by buyers and now is the best time to take the opportunity to make some cool cash from it. A lot of people are still making more demands as the virus continues to spread around the continent, the demand for products will continue to rise with it. Anywhere in the world, you can create an account with Amazon and start selling. It will help take your mind off staying at home and make you some extra cash. On the Amazon marketplace, you are not required to come in contact with your buyers, you just put your product on the listing and run your marketing strategies from home.

# 2 Translate News: This can be more beneficial to people that are bilingual or multilingual. If you are very good at translating news from one language to another, it is very important to know that they are vast online opportunities available online for you to apply and start working immediately. There is a very large demand for reliable and relevant information about the spread of the virus and most people are deprived of this information because it comes from a foreign source from which language becomes a barrier. People source for translators to help translate the news to their local language so they can be well informed with the happenings around the world. You can get paid to translate news to people in remote villages who don’t understand other languages. From the couch, you can translate as much news coverage into the language you know best and receive your extra cash without leaving your house while benefiting from the social distance. There are a lot of companies in search of translators and writers who need someone to do their translation at a very attractive rate and price.

# 3 Creating Illustration: Illustration involves making an image out of ideas or a visual representation of things. An illustration is a skill that is in high demand because businesses patronize the use of stock illustrations and images to promote their businesses. With a good experience with designs, you can start creating illustrations for people and get paid.

# 4 Remote Assistant: A Remote assistant is someone who offers services on various aspects, including digital marketing, making appointments, and managing programs for people from a remote distance or location. A remote assistant acts as assistants to business and entrepreneurs who need their services in any aspect, administrative, personal task, content creation, social media management, or research. Some businesses outsource workers in this field, and they pay good money. All you need to do is always be available to run errands online when the needs arise.


Social Distancing does not stop you from having a side hustle or making money without leaving your home. It is a means to reduce our engagement with a lot of people and isolate oneself to curb the spread of the virus. The best thing to do while staying at home is to utilize the opportunity by making extra cash as we wait and hope that things return to normal.