Point-of-sale (POS) systems have all you need to run and grow a business. But many POS solutions are tailored specifically for retail-based businesses. So, what’s a service-based business to do?

With a point-of-sale solution that’s built with the flexibility, simplicity, and power in mind to support services, service-based businesses can also keep up and sell more than ever. sPOS software can offer more in-depth reporting and simple-to-use interfaces, making it easier than ever to sell online, over the phone, or in person.

Let’s look at the challenges service-based businesses can solve with POS software:

  1. Lack of insight into sales

Service point-of-sale software can help to better market your services by accurately tracking items in reports. Business owners can create “items” for every type of product or service provided to gain the following insights:

  • Easily track your most popular items
  • Offer specials on items that don’t frequently sell
  • Determine if the price of items should be increased or decreased based on popularity
  • See who your best customers are, and target your marketing efforts to those who love your services
  1. Disparate cash and check payments

You most likely receive payment for services via cash or check, and a retail-focused POS is not able to track these types of transactions. With an sPOS, you can easily record cash or check transactions by selecting the appropriate payment method when your customers purchase an item.

  1. Unknown future revenue

Want the ability to project future payments for your scheduled services? By setting customers up on a billing schedule reporting feature, you get the ability to see their projected income over a period of time. This gives you greater insight into the financials of your business, saving you time of manually calculating your expected income on a regular basis.

  1. Inconsistent customer management

Service point-of-sale lets you automatically resolve duplicate customer records based on a credit card or email address match. No more searching through multiple customer profiles to find one customer. And you can track your cash flow using order management features to quickly calculate order totals within a specific time frame and manage your revenue. This reduces the risk of a possible headache when reconciling.

Since ecommerce is the new expectation among consumers, selling services and items online can help grow your business exponentially. Point-of-sale systems make it easy for businesses to sell to your customers – no matter what device you use, where you’re selling, or which payments you accept. Simply put, the benefits of using a POS are immeasurable.

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