Kim Kardashian – an unlikely inspiration for a marketing strategy, or is she?

kim-kardashian-suit1Do you know who Kim Kardashian is? Of course you do, everybody does. Do you know what her talent is? As the famous interviewer Barbara Walters once said, Kim doesn’t sing, she doesn’t dance, she doesn’t act, she has no talent. So how is it that this person who until few years ago was no more special than me and you shot to fame? Here is the secret…

While she may often be referred to as a mere TV personality or socialite, Kim is nothing short of a global brand. Whether it is her show, her clothes and cosmetics range or simply an appearance, the name Kardashian brings a certain something to any event or product. Somehow she has managed to build a media empire around her persona, somehow she has achieved what every business owner dreams of for their company.

Let me say at this point that I sincerely apologise to anybody who is not a fan of hers (personally I am with guys and gals) for yet another Kardashian mention, however I am fascinated (and you should be too) by is the fact that Kim Kardashian is a media machine that has created a powerful brand for herself. Every business can learn a lot from her marketing strategies and techniques and here are the 4 ways to market your small business like Kim Kardashian.

#1 Don’t be Afraid to Promote Yourself

Exposure is critical. Don’t be shy to get your business out there. A day hasn’t passed without at least 1 article about Kim to appear in a paper, magazine and online. Similarly, make sure that your business get its fair share of media exposure, be it social media, networking events, advertising, weekly newsletters etc. be visible. How do you expect for people to buy from you if they don’t even know that you exist?

#2 Be Creative

When it comes to marketing Kim has never really been one to go the conventional way. She didn’t shoot to fame because of her talents but rather because of her (and her momager’s) ingenuity.

So what other marketing techniques can you bring to the business table? In what way can you promote your business that is both unconventional and quirky yet professional and memorable?

Maybe a new seasonal campaign, sponsoring a local team or event? Examine your goals and seek new ways to achieve them. You want to create a strong brand? Think about how to get more visibility. You want more loyal clients? What can you do to entice people to get back for more? Explore new marketing and advertising opportunities and pursue them- start a business blog, send out newsletters and SMS messages. Don’t be afraid to take a plunge every now and then.

#3 Branch Out

Kim has grabbed opportunities left and right on her way to fame. You name it, she’s done it. From some conventional opportunities such as a clothes range, perfume and makeup, to some more unorthodox ventures such as selling images of her first wedding, she’s even bringing out a book compiling all her selfies! Ingenious? Yes!

Is there a new service or product you can bring out? A new venture or an investment opportunity? If you are happy with the product and service you offer now, maybe repackaging and rebranding them would give your business a new and refreshed look and more opportunities to cease? Either way, always keep your eyes open for new ways to create value.

Kim-Kardashian-Hollywood-Cheat#4 Be Trendy

For Kim’s brand keeping up to date and being on trend is crucial. And I don’t mean fashion-trendy. I mean business-trendy. Simply note how her business has moved from the physical world to the digital one. Along with her army of followers on social media, she has avid readers of her blog and she has recently brought out a mobile app. In the short time that it has been up, this app has managed to become the fourth most downloaded app on iTunes and is rumoured to be on pace to bring her $85 million in the first year!

In this regard, make sure that you, your brand and your business are always on the right track. Are you on social media, is your website responsive, do you use email and SMS marketing? Keeping up to date with these technological innovations is not just about being trendy, but moving forward into the future along with your customers.

As you see, Kim Kardashian is much more than a girl who’s famous for her pouty selfies and tight clothes. She has built a media empire that is bringing her unbelievable revenue all the while she has never really had to do a day’s work. Being creative, grabbing opportunities whenever they arise and keeping an eye on trends is what has managed to make Kim what she is today – a mega-brand that is work for her even when she sleeps. Would you like your business to enjoy the same riches? Maybe you should start getting your marketing inspiration from the Kardashians instead of marketing books.

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