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If you are a small business owner hiring can both a daunting & exciting thing. On one hand, it’s really exciting that your team is expanding and on the other, you can’t afford to make hiring mistakes.

Craft A Great Job Description

If you’re not a well know brand just yet and you are trying to attract the best talent it can be hard to set yourself apart from the top dogs. Avoid lengthy job descriptions and keep it clear and to the point. You want to capture the attention of potential candidates when they are scrolling by and providing easy to read postings will help your chance in finding the right candidate.

Evaluate Passion

Skills and qualifications are important but try to take into consideration a candidates passion for the role you are advertising for. Ask them questions to find out if they did their research on your company.

Are they enthusiastic about similar projects or roles they have been involved in previously? Asking open-ended questions that allows them to tell their story will help you to evaluate whether they want to really work for your company or whether they are just settling for any old job.

Create “A day in the life of…” Programme

This is one idea that may help you find your ideal hires. Let potential hires come into your office for the day and have them shadow one of your employees just for the day.

This allows candidates to see what will be expected of them and also to see themselves as a ‘fit’ in your company. How do they get on with existing staff? Are they asking questions? ..

Offer Incentives

Turn your employees into your best recruiters. Referrals from existing employees is a great channel for recruiting. Offer an incentive for any referrals that lead to hires.

A gift card or even an extra day’s paid holiday is a worthwhile reward. It will save you from filtering through CVs and spending time setting up interviews.