Cities For Networking

There is a common theme that keeps coming up for my private coaching clients lately. On just about every call, they mention how they can’t seem to find people who get them. They want to be around like-minded entrepreneurs and aren’t really sure where to find them.

Sadly, this is extremely common in the beginning stages of a business. Usually, the person starting a business realizes they may think a little differently than the people around them. Sometimes this causes friction as they try to have a conversation about something they are excited about and a well-meaning friend or family member tells them it’s not possible because of x, y and z.

The good news is its easier than ever to find like-minded entrepreneurs. Remember, the gig economy is cool now, so it’s just a matter of being in the right places.

Co-working spaces

One obvious place to find like-minded entrepreneurs is at co-working spaces. Truth be told, you’re probably starting to lose your mind working from home all the time anyway. Why not check out some local co-working spots where you can go a couple of times a week?

It was joining a co-working space that helped me meet like-minded entrepreneurs in my area. Up until that point I thought they just didn’t exist. The truth is it’s not that there weren’t any like-minded entrepreneurs in my area, we just didn’t really have a common place to go until co-working spaces started popping up.

The good news is you may not even need to actually join a co-working space to meet like-minded entrepreneurs (although that helps). Sometimes co-working spaces have events that are open to the public.


Before co-working spaces, I would meet like-minded entrepreneurs by attending conferences. In actuality, conferences are a way to meet like-minded people period.

I’m currently working with one of my coaching clients to create her conference calendar for the coming year. We’re looking for a combination of business and fun so that she can meet like-minded people.

Meetups for Creatives

Just like co-working spaces are all the rage, so are meetups for creatives. From freelance writers to designers, you can find a meetup for just about anything.

This is actually how I met the couple who I affectionately call my freelancing godparents. They started a meetup for creative entrepreneurs on a whim and now the events are packed. I’ve also been able to meet like-minded entrepreneurs in my city as a result.

Networking Events

Another go-to strategy for meeting like-minded entrepreneurs is to attend networking events. I admit that this is kind of a hit or miss – but if it’s a hit, it’s really a hit.

It was by joining a local networking organization that I not only met like-minded entrepreneurs, I also met one of my mentors. That connection alone helped me in times of self-doubt and growing pains.

Final Thoughts

Finding like-minded entrepreneurs is an integral part of growing a business. At the end of the day, you want to surround yourself with people who will help take you higher. Make 2018 the year you make that happen.