When it comes to your business’s success, you might often first focus on retaining clients and customers, but what you should be focusing on instead, are your employees. Focusing on retaining top talent in your company comes from job satisfaction. Today as more millennials have the tendency to move from job to job looking for the next best opportunity, it’s important to focus on increasing the likelihood of your talented employees sticking around longer.

Here are 3 ways of enhancing your business to help attract and retain your top talent.

Growing talent from within

Nurture and encourage the folks you have within your team by continuously providing opportunities to learn and maintain engagement. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report, more than 70% of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” and as a result, are disconnected from their workplace. Managers who focus on employees’ strengths can eliminate this disengagement.

Here are some ways to nurture and grow engagement and talent:

  • Provide professional development programs to encourage promotion and career advancement at every level. Look after your employees by keeping them updated on professional and educational resources such as certification and tuition reimbursement. Creating a space where education and learning is valued is vital to nourishing employees’ skill set and confidence.
  • One of the most important elements when it comes to employee satisfaction is having a support system in the work environment. Providing mentoring opportunities provides just that. Pairing a “buddy” for each entry or junior level employee with a mid-senior or senior level employee increases interaction and thus, engaging work.
  • Provide feedback and reviews. Consistent and in-person, one-on-one meetings are a great way to provide your talent with constructive criticism, feedback, advice, and praise. It also opens up the door to more communication, allowing a platform for employees to speak their mind freely, thus, also allowing discussion for solutions.

Allow Employees to Utilize Their Talents and Skills

Concentrate and scope out the skills your employees or potential employees possess. Brainstorm on how to leverage those specific skills to your business and apply them to roles that will benefit your business. Make some internal roles changes, whether its job title or description, that will overall enhance the outcome of your business. Your employees will appreciate you looking out for them and nurturing their specific talents. As a result, it would offer them leverage to stay with your company.

Work-life balance

The burnout is real. A healthy work-life balance is critical in maintaining employee engagement and success. Encourage them to take a vacation. If they stay late to complete a project, offer late arrivals or an extra day off to compensate and increase job satisfaction. Provide flexible schedules and work from home options. Ensure your employees that you understand the importance of having a life outside of work in order to maintain productivity in the work environment. Moreover, ensure that there are enough people cross-trained on tasks so that a team member’s absence won’t be an issue. Relying on one person for specific tasks creates unrealistic goals and more hours of work.