You know there’s something special about Pinterest, but you’re not quite sure how to get involved or to use it to its maximum effect. Join the club!

Pinterest boasts 70 million users, and 80% of them are females, predominantly between the ages of 25 and 54. If that’s your preferred demographic, you can’t afford to not be in on Pinterest.

The good news? You can have all the benefits of Pinterest with only as much hassle as you want. Here are three ways to get involve and build your brand depending on how active you’d like to be:

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Curate Your Brand’s Personality

You might wonder what the purpose of a Pinterest account for a business would be — after all, how can a business have a personality? But you’re missing an important aspect of social media. Businesses do have personalities. And sharing and developing yours could mean the difference between simply selling services and creating brand evangelists.

Ready to put that personality online? First, consider the mood and environment of your business and the preferences of your target market. For example, an automotive and mechanic shop probably caters to people who enjoy cars. A vintage clothing shop probably has a few fans of old black and white movies.

Create a Pinterest account for your business to find and share photos and links that promote these interests. Pinterest is a great opportunity to create a brand zone where you’re sharing those different lifestyle factors that mesh with your audience. And when customers start to think of you when they think of their favorite things, it’s a good sign you’re going to get the business.

Too Busy to Curate? Submit Instead

While an active Pinterest account for your business is a great tool, it’s not always necessary to create a one for your business. Instead, ask customers, employees, and family and friends to link to and submit your own web pages and blog posts to their own networks.

This gives your business an online presence without the need to curate and monitor another platform. However, you’ll only get the most out of it if you post articles and updates with great visuals. That means putting more time into creating optimized images that are attractive and well-labeled. Even better, commission a custom info-graphic with your branding for customers to share on their own social media networks.

Create Opportunities For Your Customers

Would you rather stay offline? At the very least you can make your place of business easily accessible for customers who do wish to share your business with their online networks. You can encourage customers to visit your store by providing coupons or discounts for Tweeting or Posting about their visit to their networks. You can also provide intentional clever, serious, or sassy photo-opportunities around your brick and mortar store for customers to participate in.

Ready to go real high tech? Give you waiting room or appointment room a laptop, camera, or tablet to use while waiting. Provide instructions for directly posting photos or thoughts online, or simply set up a way to capture the items so that you can approve them later and post to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The best part of social media is that it’s meant to be social! It’s meant to be a personal extension of your brand and yourself, so that you don’t have to feel pressured to use it the way others do. Find a way to express yourself and promote your message in a way that is unique and special to you: that’s a business customers will want to be a part of!


It’s always easier said than done… especially when you’re not the specialist. If you’re looking for social media support or consulting help with your social media efforts, contact We help you let your hard work shine online.