In an April 2014 survey from AYTM Market Research, 81.2% of respondents noted that they are at least somewhat likely to go out of their way to support small businesses instead of large companies when possible—61.2% are even willing to pay higher prices at small business establishments. According to AYTM’s data, a majority of people visit small businesses to support the local economy and to receive better personal service.

To stand out as a prominent business in your local community, you’ll need to deliver excellent personal service both inside and outside of your store. In-store, delivering personal service comes down to creating a pleasant, memorable experience for every customer. Out-of-store, you can extend this personal service to both existing and potential customers through online video. Below, we’ll discuss three ways in which you can do so.

1. Video-Centric Owned Media

Owned media is the content your business has complete control over: for example, your website, blog, email, newsletters, social media profiles, etc. More and more people are watching online video every day, and if you fail to provide Internet users with video content, you could miss out on their valuable business.

An August 2013 study by and Toluna found that 83% of U.S. consumers consider a website and social media presence important factors when choosing small businesses over other types of businesses. Because so many people prefer to learn about businesses via online video, each of your owned channels should host a healthy dose of video content.

Here are some additional resources that give an in-depth look at the benefits of online video placed on owned channels:

2. Create How-To & Customer Service Videos

The study found that the factor U.S. consumers considered the most important when choosing small businesses over other types of businesses was customer service (86% of respondents). With online video, you can continue to serve your customers once they have left your store.

Creating simple how-to videos that visually showcase the ins and outs of your products could be incredibly helpful. Similarly, customer service videos designed to address common mishaps as well as any FAQs can save you and your customers time, money and energy. Providing shoppers with these convenient videos is a simple and effective way to extend exceptional personal service beyond the walls of your brick-and-mortar shop.

3. Put a Face to Your Business

As corny as it sounds, here’s where you put the “person” into “personal service.” If you’re a small business owner, put together a video of your shop and its employees—give people an inside look at the company culture! Producing these kinds of videos is incredibly important, given the fact that personalized and intimate experiences ranked second on the list of factors U.S. consumers consider when choosing small businesses (

In order to attract new customers, show off the “personal” side of your business—online video is the perfect medium for the job. It gives you unlimited creative freedom and the ability to tell your business’s story as well as your own in the most powerful way possible.

Small business owners have a growing opportunity to attract people looking to support the local economy and receive a personalized experience in return. By utilizing online video, you will be able to deliver excellent personal service to customers beyond your physical store, while also enticing new patrons to swing on by and see what you’re all about.