Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.56.08 PMAuthenticity has a much larger role in a businesses success than most people think. Being authentic is being true to yourself and your business’ core values. In this age of digital media, consumers are in control of which brands they will promote, and which will be discarded. Winning customers today is directly related to being personable, relatable, and authentic. Here are 3 reasons why being authentic will make your small business more successful:

1. Authentic relationships provide for lasting growth, unauthentic relationships will come back to bite you. Consumers can “see right through” a business that isn’t genuine. And now they have the power to use social media to make their claims be known. You can avoid this by being personal and living up to your brands core values.

2. Social media demands authenticity, without it your posts will not be shared and your message will not be heard. If your social media marketing sounds “fake”, it will be heard as fake. Consumers can spread your message to millions with one click of a “share” button, but if they don’t feel that your message is authentic, your message won’t go anywhere and your efforts will be lost.

3. Authenticity makes your business memorable. Being authentic means having customers remember your business, because they most likely could relate to your message. Customers are attracted to empathetic, compassionate messages and are likely to pass on your story if they feel like it’s genuine. But don’t get caught up here, you will also need to keep your message consistent.

As a consumer, have you ever related so much with a company’s message, that you bought their product just on those grounds? As a business, have you been successful in creating that same leverage with your customers? How will you send out a more authentic message to your customers that exemplify your company’s message and values?