Business automation is changing the manner in which brands operate, enabling them to do more in ways there have never done before. In theory, this means that the size of businesses doesn’t matter anymore. In fact, automation adds lots of advantages to small businesses that are able to use new trends than larger competitors.

Finding the right automation tool is the best step towards scaling your business — no matter the size.

In this article, we have got a selection of the best tools to automate your business operations. These tools are designed with small, medium, or large businesses in mind, and they will help you take your venture to the next level.


Content Snare is a simple automation tool that can save nearly every business time. It helps collect content, files and documents from clients – on time and without email.

Email is a productivity killer that typically delays client onboarding and projects. Ditch those endless trails, lost attachments and messy Google docs with this automation tool that allows you to gather content and files in one place.

Content Snare helps you organize the info you need with a drag-and-drop editor. You can also choose a reminder schedule or create your own. This tool allows you to schedule as many follow-up emails as you like. Most importantly, Content Snare is an automation tool that creates a common ground for you and your clients to manage content and files without any confusion about responsibility. It empowers your clients to genuinely understand the requirements of the design and content model concept.


Every business needs a website, and with B12, you can get a functional website. B12 comprises of expert web designers that use Artificial Intelligence to grow businesses. The team behind B12 offers continued support even after the launch of your website.

In the process of getting a website for your business, you will have to portray the manner you want your website to work and your preferred design. B12 Artificial Intelligence will tailor a website draft for your business in a matter of minutes. Its AI understands and crawls the web through algorithms to pull out content from your existing website to build a custom website.

Once the draft has been concluded between you and the team, then you can expect your business website in a few weeks.

It is essential to know that B12 experts will take the time upfront to understand your website goals and help you achieve them over time. The team sends a monthly report with metrics and a recommendation on how to attract more visitors to your website.


Automizy is another great tool for email marketers to get the best out of their contacts. With this automation tool, you can send campaigns with the highest open rate and measure and optimize results.

Besides that, its visual automation builder allows you as a marketer to automate customers’ lifecycles according to the predefined classification of events.

Automizy’s visual automation builder also visualizes the logic behind any sequence of email-marketing events. Email marketers can also track the behavior of their website and perform interest tagging.

It is essential to note that new subscribers are the key to the growth of every business. Hence, Automizy helps you to get the information of more people across the web through modern signup forms, CSV imports, integrations, and API.

Automate your business and take it to the next level

Automation is vital for every business out there, and the selection of tools listed in this article will help in boosting your business operations. Get yourself started with these platforms to save time and cost; not only that, you will drive the growth of your business and take it to the height you have always wanted it to attain.