As a life-long athlete I continually draw upon my on-field experiences and apply them to my daily life. This is most obvious when I am offering advice to new business owners and new graduates. Here are a few of the ones that always seem to come up.


Being flexible in athletics is as much about the ability of your body to adapt to many situations as it is about being agile enough in thought to plan for your next move. As a decathlete, every competition is a series of events. If I come up short in one event there is still a chance that I can turn around the competition by really bringing it during the other nine.

In business, there is a tendency to look at one major product release as the golden ticket for the company. Instead, apply your skills to many different areas and increase your opportunities for success. Versatility is a lesson that is always a winner.

Willingness to be Coached

Even the best, most successful athletes know the value of a good coach. The highest earners are never without a mentor. However, in business, many are unwilling to seek or apply advice. Opting instead to go it alone and unassisted. It is not a sign of weakness, in fact quite the opposite, to ask for advice and to then apply that advice to your endeavors.

Big Picture

Owning a business is a long-term venture. Don’t burn all of your resources in a single shot. Success in business, much like success on the field, is about pacing yourself. This will allow you to respond to market changes and capitalize on the most lucrative possibilities.

As any athlete will attest, the skills and behaviors that contribute to success on the field can be applied to many aspects of life, especially to business.