How do you take a company from zero to $7.5 million in 9 years?

It’s simple.

Wanda Smith
Wanda Smith, CEO and Founder

Just follow the lead of Wanda Smith, CEO and founder of Symphony Placements, a human resources firm the Inc. 5000 says is one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Smith’s success is based on a principle all of us should listen to, memorize, and live by: Give more than you get.

Sales and the love of competition came to Wanda Smith naturally. Growing up, she’d pedal her bike from door-to-door to beat out the others who were selling Girl Scout Cookies.

To get her first small business going, she talked her parents into letting her set up a roadside stand to sell surplus vegetables from their garden.

Determination is a given. The willingness to take a risk is a given. Let’s take a look at the rest of the business fundamentals fueling Wanda Smith’s woman-powered success story.

The First Secret to Winning in Business

The company motto is “Giving more than getting,” and it’s been that since the get-go. Smith doesn’t just preach that philosophy, she lives it.

She’s active in service to the community, and she doesn’t believe in micromanagement. “If a member of our team needs constant supervision,” says Smith, “that person is working in the wrong place.”

Wanda Smith’s first secret to winning in business: Determine a way to serve others. Then do it.


Seeing both sides of the equation is important to Symphony Placements

The Second Secret to Winning in Business

Times have changed considerably since Smith first entered the workforce. She comes from a generation where punctuality is important, and keeping the same job for an extended period was seen as a good thing.

Many of today’s job-seekers, though, don’t want a regular schedule. They expect work to fit around their lives, not vice versa. Rather than try to force clients to change their tune, though, Smith says she and the employers she works with must work with generational differences and learn ways to meet the new demands with flexibility and compassion.

Wanda Smith’s second secret to winning in business: Bend with the times. Be flexible.

The Third Secret to Winning in Business

It’s not easy to be a go-between. Dealing with one client can be tough, but when your job is to make two parties happy, the work can become maddening.

That’s why “Symphony Placements” is a perfect name for Smith’s company. She sees the full picture; she looks at both sides of the equation.

Employers need a skilled and reliable workforce. Employees need to balance work with the other components of life.

Above all, Smith says she wants the people who come to her for help to know one thing: She and her staff really do care about them and their needs.

Wanda Smith’s third secret to winning in business: Bend with the times. Be flexible.

Born to Sell and Born to Win – Wanda Smith’s Symphony

The Inc. 5000 ranks Symphony Placements at #1047 in the list of America’s fastest growing companies for 2016. Their 2015 revenue was $7.5 million, and the 3-year growth came in at 376%. Smith launched the company in 2006.

How did Smith lead her business so far so quickly?

Read back over those three secrets to winning in business. Take them to heart. Put them into action. Smith’s success is a result of living what she believes. The company motto isn’t just hanging on the wall – it’s central to company culture, and it’s felt by everyone the company serves.