Taking control of your career and becoming your own boss can be an empowering feeling. Many people are not happy with their jobs and yet they don’t know where to turn. Franchising is a solid option for people who are looking for the freedom that comes with owning a business while also receiving crucial support in running the business.

To help provide an easy introductory guide to franchising, here are three reasons on why owning a franchise might be right for you.

Open Your Own Business (Image Credit: Minuteman Press Franchise)

1. Work for yourself and receive ongoing support. Owning a franchise gives you a way to own your own business but also hit the ground running. A reputable franchisor will provide franchisees with an easy-to-understand business model that is tried and proven, full training, and ongoing local and corporate support. For example, Minuteman Press has regional teams that support franchisees right where they live and do business. To have that kind of support gives new business owners extra peace of mind since they know that they are in capable hands.

2. Leave job stress behind. One of the biggest rewards to owning a business vs. having a job is you will no longer have to worry about working for an employer. Whether you are tired of your commute, afraid of being laid off, or your boss simply doesn’t appreciate you, franchising can help you make a smooth transition to entrepreneurship.

The best franchises are industry leaders who know how to teach and help you learn their business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you don’t need prior experience because the business model, training, and high levels of support are already in place.

3. Assess the benefits of franchising. There are many additional benefits of franchising that could be available to you as well. For example, Minuteman Press offers location finding, on-site setup and continued training, easy to use in-house software, and marketing programs. They also offer a unique royalty incentive program that caps royalties above a monthly sales level. An added benefit like that makes a huge difference in helping franchisees as they continue to grow and reinvest in their business.

What are your next steps?

If you would like to consider franchising as your next career move, it is important to do your research. Contact the franchisor directly and make sure they give you the opportunity to speak with other franchisees so you can see if their business is the right fit for you.