Have you claimed your ‘My Business’ account on Google? Because if you haven’t done it so far, you might be leaving out a lot of money on the table.

Google’s ‘My Business’ account is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses that helps them manage their online presence. This includes your presence on the Google map too. When you create this account, your business will pop up both on Google and on Google Maps every time someone searches for your business. It’s a great way to create brand awareness and drive more leads.

Now you must be wondering how that can help your business. Well, there are several ways it can be helpful in boosting your conversions and making your business more successful. Here are the 3 most powerful reasons why you should claim your business profile on Google now.

One of the major reasons why you need to claim your business profile on Google is to increase your visibility on local search. Appearing in local search results is especially helpful if your business runs a physical store.

You may optimize your content to make your business discoverable by people across the globe, but unless your products and services are globally deliverable, there’s no point in doing that.

Besides, when it comes to using a product or service, most customers will always think local because of its easy accessibility. So they might as well include words like ‘near me’, or the location itself in their search queries. For example, their search queries might look something like ‘Bakery stores near me’, or ‘Bakery stores in Chicago’, ‘Chicago Bakery’, etc.

By claiming your ‘My Business’ account you can easily appear in such search results.

This will help you attract more potential customers to your store and boost your conversions.

2. Add More Credibility

Most buying processes start with research. And people like to opt for brands that they can trust. But if your business has an incomplete online listing, they tend to doubt your credibility. Claiming your business profile on Google can help you appear more trustworthy and change your brand image. As a result, you’ll have more leads for your store.

You can not only verify your business as authentic but also add your logo, contact details, opening hours, website link, pictures of your store and more to let people know more about your business.

This will help you keep your customers informed and they won’t be left guessing about the important details related to your business.

To make it appear even more powerful you can enable your customers to review your business. Customer reviews are one of the most trusted forms of testimonials for shoppers. Unlike any promotional content or advertisements, reviews come directly from the users. So they aren’t biased and don’t have any promotional intent either. So people find it easier to believe such reviews.

3. Improve Overall SEO

Another amazing benefit of claiming your ‘My Business’ profile on Google is that it can help you boost your local. Just like Google helps you rank your content based on various algorithms, it also has certain algorithms for ranking business profiles.

You can use your dashboard to incorporate your business keywords to rank higher in search results. It’s a great way to optimize your rankings and boost your business visibility.

Also, remember that the completeness and accuracy of your business information can also impact your overall ranking. So make sure that all the details that you add to your dashboard are complete and accurate, especially your address, contact details, opening hours, etc.

So these are some of the major benefits of adding your business to Google’s ‘My Business’ listing. It’s a wonderful tool to boost your visibility, gain more leads, and increase your sales for more profit. So make sure you claim your profile now if you haven’t already. It’s one of the most essential steps to achieving success for your business.