We love finding out what makes you tick and to help us answer that question we asked our Facebook followers what they wanted to see us write about. Andy Granston came up with this topic and we loved it!

People tend to go for a big business as they assume they are more experienced and reliable. This may not be the case, but if you’re a ‘solopreneur’ or run a small business then it may be worth trying to appear bigger than you are. If you’re not sure how to do this then have no fear! We’ve done the leg work for you, so read on to find out how to make yourself look big.

Make Your Business Look Big

  • Use ‘we’ not ‘I’ – by doing this you give the impression of being a bigger business, no matter how many people are actually involved in the day to day running.
  • Get yourself out there – if your work and opinions are everywhere then customers will never think to question your company’s size, experience and reliability.
  • Buddy up – pair up with a bigger company for a new product or promotional event. This makes you seem bigger, creating a stronger brand and greater public image.
  • Professional website – you wouldn’t attend a meeting in pyjamas, so why let your website give the same lazy impression? Make sure it’s smart, fresh and professional looking. The same goes for your logo, business cards and other stationery.
  • Employ an intern – help someone gain valuable work experience, and allow someone to answer the phone, reply to emails and attend meetings with you. All this makes you seem more prestigious and established.
  • Invent ‘people’ – create emails for different ‘departments’. They may all be forwarded to you, but your customers will think you are a multi department company.
  • Hire a virtual assistant – a virtual assistant works freelance, from home. This means you get someone to do things like answer emails and schedule appointments at your busiest times, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Promote yourself – calling yourself the CEO or Founder of your company makes your business seem bigger, and who wouldn’t want to introduce themselves as ‘CEO of MyBigBusiness.com’?!
  • Build a ‘team’ – if you use freelancers, get their details on your website. This gives the impression of a large team of people working for you, even if some of your freelancers only work for you once in a blue moon.
  • Use social media – using social media is great for making your business seem like a larger company and is a fantastic way to create a buzz about your product or services.

Making your business seem bigger is not only good for your customers, but good for you too. If customers can see your business growing then they will be more likely to trust you, and continue to use your services. It also motivates you to further boost your business; we all want to run a large, successful business and staying motivated will help you do just that.

We would like to point out that big is not always better! Some people prefer a more one on one approach, and this works for lots of businesses. Although you can use a bit of smoke and mirrors, it’s always best to be honest.

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