Companies of all sizes are discovering the beauty of outsourcing. You can get an expert in just about anything, avoid the hassle of bringing them on permanently and/or full-time, and it’s a great way to save money, get the best experts on board, and perhaps try them out for a potential permanent position in the future. Here are ten of the best tasks suited for outsourcing:

  1. Social media management: This can easily be a full-time role, part-time, or your needs may ebb and flow. Don’t think that anyone with a lot of Facebook friends at the company can double as an SM manager. It requires understanding analytics, social media trends, and posting for business—not personal usage.
  1. Content writing: Whether you need white papers, articles, blogs, or landing page content, writing (especially for the digital world) requires an expert. Instead of making “your best writer” who’s really a salesperson take on this role, outsource it. Content is king.
  1. Graphic design: Maybe you need a new logo, someone to design your brochures, or a pro to make over your website. Graphic designers can whip up everything from infographics to a custom font without ever having to come into the office.
  1. Accounting: Sound scary? It shouldn’t, especially for smaller businesses. Having an outsourced accountant frees up a lot of your budget and ensures an unbiased third party is at your financial wheel. They may work in office or telecommute.
  1. Web design: Only very large companies may actually need a full-time web designer after the initial launch. Make sure you hire a contractor who prioritizes responsive design and mobile readiness. They should also be masters of analytics to show you how their work is benefiting your business.
  1. SEO: Search engine optimization is critical for any business with an online presence, but you probably don’t need a full-timer. Outsource this to a reputable SEO company or contractor with proven experience and results.
  1. HR: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need an HR department on site or even as part of your company. Hiring, firing, and implementing rules can all be taken care of with an outsourced company. This helps protect you from liability and saves money in the process.
  1. Data entry: If you need a lot of data entered, either regularly or once in awhile, you don’t want to delegate this tedious task to someone on the team who doesn’t specialize in it. This role can easily be outsourced, and you’ll probably be happier with the results, too!
  1. Legal support: Unless you’re a big enterprise or have some serious legal issues due to your industry, you don’t need legal staff on your payroll. Instead, outsource this. You can have an attorney on retainer or use a “drop in” legal service for occasional needs.
  1. Cleaning: Nobody wants to feel like they have chores at the office. Instead of creating a complicated cleaning schedule, outsource housekeeping (if it’s not already included in your commercial space rental). It’s well worth it.

You probably need less people on a permanent basis than you think. Outsourcing frees up your resources and is an excellent economical choice. Take a look around and see what outsourcing roles are begging to be shifted—the answer may surprise you!

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