Success. It evades some like the plague. Others, they just can’t seem to grasp it. Time and time again, success has driven countless people to madness. Poverty. And disappointment.

It’s driven other people to riches beyond their imagination – sailing the external and internal world at their leisure.

What separates the two groups? Why do other people get to kiss Fate’s good hand… And others receive Fate’s backhand? Is it the same storyline of Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad. Or is it just a mere coincidence and luck?

Recently at Tony Robins webinar, Dave Kerpen – Chairman of Likeable Media explains amassing mind-blowing strategies to build a $10m dollar business…. Do you want to be on this group? Hell yeah!

But the other “group” (maybe, probably) circle around social media and reading OMG posts not knowing what they are doing at all – that’s wasting time & energy for nothing, a common procrastination habit.

Right Doing, Wrong Doing

Photo by johnhain, CC0 1.0

It is the right thinking that all matters, rather than what degree/knowledge/skills you hold or where you come from…. this is what I learn from JOY! What you think is what you do. If you cannot think right, you cannot act right!

So here’s my way to thinking right…

1. Embrace The Struggle

I have a bulletin board loaded with quote-fueled index cards tacked up. Quotes that get my head stomped in by life (and business). I don’t remember where a lot of quotes came from, sadly.

One that slaps me in the face each and every day is this: “Struggle is not a bad word. Accomplishment is impossible without it.”

It’s a value I hold on to this day. When things get hard. When the struggle is real. No matter what happens, or where I am. This little nugget keeps me strong. What does it do for you?

2. Sculpt Your Mindset

Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”? Believe it. How you think determines the results you see.

If you’re surrounded by people who constantly doubt you, question what you’re standing up for… or show ANY reservations about the direction you’re headed…

The people who care the most about you… And who you turn to for guidance in this crazy-fury world…

The popular thing to do is either A) Retreat into darkness, betrayed and hurt or, B) Sever ties with them forever.

As always, the point is this: you can’t expect positive, soul-fulfilling results if all you’re doing is hanging around people who only hamper you.

It’s like Rob Kiyosaki said in his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad: “Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.”

3. Challenge Yourself

Take bodybuilders. One month they’re lifting clean pressing 75 lbs., and a month later they’re pressing a full hundred and fifty. They don’t make monster growth like that by staying where it’s comfortable.

Felix Dennis said it best in his book, How To Get Rich: “The odds may still appear daunting, but only to those lacking sufficient guts and determination to try. If the odds of getting rich put you off, then you deserve to stay poor. Or, to put it more kindly, whether you deserve it or not, you will stay poor.”

4. Give Back

There’s this weird thing about the universe, and I can’t explain it. But there’s this odd thing that happens, where… even without thinking about it, I tip cashier $10. Even if I need that ten bucks for myself.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Because the universe seems to keep a “karmic scoreboard”. Try tipping 20% more than you should the next time you’re out. Pay for someone else’s coffee, or meal. Or pay for someone’s groceries.

What’s the harm in that? Interestingly, you will feel much better, happier as you have done something wholesome!

5. Study Street-Smart “Cons”

Say what you will about street hustlers, one fact remains: they know what they’re doing. From sideshow shenanigans to elaborate plans – they know how to get money. Not by being a liar or a thief, oh no. What makes the best of them is their ability to understand the human condition.

They’re experts on human psychology, understanding what makes people tick. How to press their hot buttons, really get inside their worries, their fears, and figure out (in a split second) what people’s vices are.

6. Bookkeep Up The Yin-Yang

Chris, at Investopedia, suggests keeping records for everything. And that makes sense. By keeping records of expenses, investments, what comes in and what goes out… You can see where money is leaking through and plug the holes.

This is more than keeping records: this is about being anal-attentive about making sure you know, hands down, where your money is going.

7. Stay Productive

Listen: You’ve got things to do. Things to create. You’ve got a business to run! This is no time to sit around all day idly watching the clock go by. You’ve got to work.

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep the engine rolling and get things done. Mark Cuban (you do know who Mark Cuban is, right? Good.) keeps his productivity charged and ready to handle the world (and his HUGE bank account) by limiting his meetings.

Mark Cuban reveals startling insights into the way he handles business. And I’m not going to argue about the methods of a man whose worth is over $3B.

8. Don’t Fight Fires

Take, for example, the time Gary Halbert and his protege John Carlton (author of Kickass Secrets Of A Marketing Rebel) were in Halbert’s office. It was a day of mayhem: Phones were ringing off the hook. Secretaries came in and out of the office in a furious panic about emergency after emergency.

Halbert simply closed the door and told Carlton, “We aren’t paid to put out fires.” He then went back to his desk, picked up his trusty blue pen and yellow legal pad, and began writing his next hot sales letter (which, by the way, he charged clients $15,000 for).

Let someone else handle fires: Do your job.

9. Treat Customers Right

Also from Investopedia is this tip, which rings true: make sure your customer service is top notch. It makes sense. Really! Customer service is the ONE part of your business that directly deals with your customers.

Your customers aren’t numbers or statistics. They are as real as you are, reading this. They’re as real as I am, writing this. We’re people – something that’s forgotten by a lot of corporate lugheads who do everything by committee… and bean counters.

Because word gets out. About everything. If your business snags good reviews, you’re going to get more and more loyal customers. Easy to understand, right?

Then why do so many businesses treat their customer list like a bunch of robots?

10. Use Your Time Like Oprah

Yep! Oprah. Here’s a quote from a motivational video I saw on YouTube: “I don’t care how much money you make, you only get 24 hours a day. The only difference between Oprah and a person that’s broke… Is Oprah uses her time wisely.”

Check out the video for yourself, and be sure to study the dozens of other motivational videos about heart, about passion. Staying motivated in life. They’re all compilations of some of the world’s most influential public speakers.

Stuff that challenges you and makes you think. Really. Sometimes I feel bad after the video finishes, because some of them make me realise that I’m not really living the life I want.

That’s what growth is all about. And, really, what’s life if it isn’t a series of opportunities to consciously evolve?

Why else do you think, the reason why so many successful people talk about being fulfilled, emotionally and spiritually, at the end of the day…. than having buckets of money?