Having concerns on how you can develop and grow your small business towards success is a question on all small business owner’s minds. I’ve had countless prospects approach my consulting practice wondering what tactics they need to implement in order to be successful.

In the world of marketing and sales, there is a new technology and specific set of tactics that when properly carried out, can expand a small business to an almost unrecognizable point. So, what is the best way that you can grow your small business?

Create and automate your marketing and sales processes.

What is Automated Marketing?

Automated marketing refers to modern technological software and tactics which streamline a company’s marketing strategies while allowing a business to automate and measure their marketing and sales tasks. Effectively, automated marketing allows businesses to conduct their marketing strategies on a much more personal level, while measuring results to optimize lead generation and turnover.

The Benefits of Automating Marketing and Sales Processes

B2B marketers say the #1 benefit of marketing automation is the ability to generate more and better leads (Pepper Global, 2014). With more high-quality leads, comes increased opportunity to create nurturing relationships with potential prospects.

Some other benefits of automating your small businesses marketing and sales processes include:

  • The ability to measure results of marketing campaigns so you can create changes and optimize marketing strategies and sales.
  • Personalized and targeted messages can be sent to the right audience, at the right time in a marketing/sales analytic cycle.
  • Variables such as popular times of day to post a blog to your target audience can be tested and measured over time to ensure optimal leads are generated.
  • Content marketers can share information across a wide variety of platforms for unique experiences.

How You Can Automate Your Small Business

Automating your small business processes isn’t as daunting or difficult as you may initially believe. The first step is communicating your intentions to automate your marketing and sales to your fellow employees, and to embrace an automated marketing culture for all the benefits it can provide your company.

Automating your marketing and sales processes allows you to take control of your time once again, and focus on what really matters – building your small business.