Using your ads to move people from awareness to like and trust.

Advertising is looked at by most as a tool to create overall awareness. This approach can be a benefit to small businesses, if the message is right, if the awareness that is created, spells out a benefit. Usually awareness advertising seems to be an attempt to win advertising awards instead of new clients.

The point is the #1 secret to effective small business advertising is to sell – not a product or a service, but an action. A call to pick up the phone, surf the web or send an email to get something of value. To begin a relationship with the advertiser. Which moves people from awareness to like and trust.

The good news about this approach to advertising is that you don’t need clever copy, gorgeous models or full pages.

Nope, just study and draw inspiration from great copy that works.

Draw inspiration from advertising copy that has demonstrated its effectiveness by actually working as intended. Like a direct mail piece that has ranked in millions and millions of dollars in sales.

You only need a very strong offer targeted at the right audience. Sell permission to educate your prospect and you will find that advertising does indeed work  for your small business and work quite well. Heck, I bet ad agencies that practiced this type of advertising could even find new clients.

The goal of most small business advertising should be to capture an email and start a relationship, not sell a product or service.

Question: What do you think? What has been your goal for advertising?