With SEO proving indispensable for businesses, freelancers and businesses will find immense value in the best SEO marketplaces — looking to join a firm? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for top SEO talent? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve thoroughly reviewed leading marketplaces for SEO to bring you 10 of the very best.

Here you’ll discover how each of the best SEO marketplaces can help you source quality experts to skyrocket your business growth and outshine your competitors online. We recommend Toptal for both freelancers and businesses looking for guaranteed high-quality candidates — read on for all the nitty-gritty details about the best SEO marketplaces.

Our Pick for The Best SEO Marketplace for 2023: Toptal

Toptal is clearly the best SEO marketplace in 2023. It offers quality long-term solutions for both businesses and clients, keeping both their interests in mind.

Best features of Toptal:

  • Businesses only deal with the best professionals in the market since Toptal conducts rigorous screening and only selects the top 3% of all applicants.
  • Freelancers do not have to pay any fee to work with Toptal, which is great if you are just starting out.
  • Toptal personally helps businesses hire the best talent for their company by pairing them up with a Toptal Expert.
  • They offer excellent customer service, on-time payments, and secure transactions for both businesses and freelancers.
  • Freelancers get a chance to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, like Shopify and KraftHeinz.

Best SEO Marketplaces — Top 10 for 2023:

Before we dive into our reviews, here’s a quick overview of our top 10 best SEO service marketplaces for 2023: 

  1. Toptal — Overall, the Best SEO Marketplace for 2023.
  2. BlackHat World — Leading SEO Marketplace for Backlinks and Networking.
  3. Fiverr — Best SEO Service Marketplace for Cheap Services.
  4. Legiit — Top SEO Marketplace with an Impressive Responsive Mobile Application.
  5. Upwork — Popular Option for Finding Quality Freelancers. 
  6. SeoClerk — Best SEO Marketplace for Diversity of Services. 
  7. 99designs — One of the Best for Visual Content-Based SEO.
  8. Fourerr — Leading Option for Beginners and Small Businesses. 
  9. Konker.io — Best SEO Marketplace for Easy Recruitments. 
  10. Guru — Best Marketplace SEO for Flexible Services.

Best SEO Marketplaces for 2023: Compared

To discover the best SEO marketplace for you, we’ve reviewed each one in more depth below — including some general information, their special features, commission rates and fees, plus pros and cons as expressed by genuine customer feedback. Ready?

1.  Toptal — Overall, the Best SEO Marketplace for 2023

Toptal prides itself on connecting only the best and elite freelancers to businesses all over the world. It has a unique admission formula under which it only allows the top 3% of all its applicants to enter its marketplace. 

It will also help you with seamless onboarding and quick hiring. From content writers to link-building experts, you will find all the experienced professionals you will need to amp up your SEO game on Toptal.


Key Features:

Here is what we love about Toptal:

  • Rigorous Screening: Every freelancer entering Toptal has to pass through a rigorous screening process, and approximately only 3% of the thousands of applicants are accepted. That’s why services delivered by Toptal professionals are always top-notch.
  • Assisted Hiring: Toptal always pairs up their clients with a competent expert who will manually pick the most eligible professionals for the job to save the hirer a ton of time.
  • Work With Top Brands: Toptal allows you to work with top-of-the-line brands like Duolingo and Bridgestone and enhance your portfolio. Landing big-shot clients with Toptal is a cakewalk. 
  • Timely Payments: Getting paid with Toptal is a breeze. It takes care of invoicing and billing on your behalf and ensures that each of its freelancers gets paid on time.


Clients need to pay a $500 deposit for their first hire. Freelancers are not required to pay anything to work with Toptal. 


  • Recruitment assistance
  • Work only with the best talents
  • Get a chance to work with global brands
  • Easy and timely payments


  • Hourly payments only 

2. BlackHat World — Leading SEO Marketplace for Backlinks and Networking 

BlackHat World is a global forum for Black hat SEO techniques that also doubles up as an SEO marketplace. It is the perfect online space to find quality freelancers who can skyrocket your company’s digital marketing growth with their superior skills and strategies.

Although it has a slightly casual environment compared to traditional marketplaces, it’s in no shape or form a substandard platform for either clients or freelancers and is a must-try!


Key Features:

Here is what we love about BlackHat World:

  • Sufficient Work: The website updates every day with countless new opportunities for freelancers regardless of their specialization.
  • Networking: It is not just a site to find your next client or employer, but you can also leverage its huge forum list to build meaningful connections in the industry.
  • Advertisements: Its forum has a rich user base of over 12 million people and charges only $90 a week for advertisements. This particular feature will come in extremely handy for growing companies with constrained advertisement budgets.
  • Support: BlackHat World has an extensive database of frequently asked questions and resources to help you get started. Say you have queries that aren’t clarified in the FAQ or resources sections. In that case, feel free to reach out to BlackHat World’s team through a contact form. 


$30 to list your service on the platform.


  • Great for networking
  • Massive user base and reach
  • Strict guidelines for a better experience
  • Highly affordable advertisements


  • The user interface is poorly designed 

3. Fiverr — Best SEO Service Marketplace for Cheap Services

Fiverr is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world, with experts from almost every industry, including SEO. There are enough clients for every capable freelancer and enough freelancers for businesses to hire.

One of the most significant advantages of working with Fiverr is the active participation of the Fiverr team. They overlook every process that takes place under their network. 


Key Features:

Here is what we love about Fiverr: 

  • Easy Signup: Unlike other marketplaces that conduct tests to limit the number of freelancers signing up, Fiverr is open to all. You can register and get ready to sell your services in under 5 minutes. 
  • Verified Freelancers: You do not have to take a freelancer for their word. Fiverr has multiple skill tests in place that freelancers can voluntarily take to verify their proficiency in the skills they claim mastery at. As a business, it makes sense to only hire freelancers with a certain number of cleared tests and certificates against their name.
  • Secure Payments: Worried about fraudulent freelancers? This freelance marketplace will release the funds to the freelancer only after you approve the work. 
  • 24×7 Support: Not every freelance SEO marketplace will provide you with round-the-clock customer support. But Fiverr allows you to contact their team and experts whenever you run into a problem.


Freelancers can expect a flat 20%, whereas businesses are looking at a 5% service fee (a minimum of $2 for up to $40).


  • Easy to join
  • Find verified freelancers
  • 24×7 support
  • Fraud-free, secure payments


  • Highly competitive

4. Legiit — Top SEO Marketplace with an Impressive Responsive Mobile Application

Legiit is another popular SEO marketplace for freelancers and businesses of all sizes. It is home to more than 10,000 freelancers from over 12 different categories, including writing, programming, SEO, and eCommerce. 

Previous users and clients of Legiit seem to love the service and have left quite a few positive reviews on their website. The experience, quality of service, and seamless operation that Legiit brings to the table are simply unmatchable. 


Key Features:

Here is what we love about Legiit:

  • Flexible Use: Many marketplaces restrict your account type to “Seller” or “Buyer” alone. But with Legiit, you can sell and buy from the marketplace with the same account.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Tired of having your payment options limited by SEO marketplaces? Try Legiit. It accepts and offers payment through six different methods, including Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Payoneer, and Discover.
  • Adequate Resources: Say you need additional support in the first few weeks of your business. In that case, Legiit’s resources would be a huge help and have you sail through any obstacle.
  • Responsive Mobile Application: For those that do not want to stick to their computer screens for hours on end, Legiit offers the perfect solution in the form of a responsive, mobile application compatible with both Android and IOS.


15% on every project for sellers.


  • Responsive mobile application
  • A diverse range of services
  • Multiple payment options
  • Cheaper commissions


  • No phone support 

5. Upwork — Popular Option for Finding Quality Freelancers

If you have been scouring for the best freelance marketplace for a while, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t come across Upwork. It’s one of the most popular marketplaces (and a billion-dollar company), attracting freelancers and businesses from all over the world.

It has a reputation for having stringent acceptance guidelines for freelancers to ensure that every business gets the highest quality service possible.


Key Features:

Here is what we love about Upwork:

  • Upwork Talent Scout: Building a team of freelancers all by yourself can be difficult, especially if you have no knowledge of recruiting. If this sounds like you, you will be glad to learn about the Upwork Talent Scout. It’s a team of dedicated Upwork employees that handpick the best freelancers according to your business needs.
  • Good Pay: Upwork is home to the best freelancers in the SEO industries of writing, link building, etc., meaning a freelancer here won’t have to fight for peanuts. Instead, you can charge a fair amount for your services and efforts.
  • Verified Freelancers: Getting quality freelancers on Upwork is pretty easy. You can also verify their identity, skim through their client reviews to gauge their suitability for your project and ask them for relevant work samples before proceeding.
  • 24×7 Support: As one of the most trustworthy freelance marketplaces in the world, Upwork offers 24×7 smooth customer service to every user.


For Freelancers:

  • 20% for up to $500
  • 10% for above $500 and up to $10k
  • 5% for above $10k

For Clients:

  • 5% on all transactions
  • 3% on eligible US citizens paying through ACH


  • A dedicated team to help you with recruiting
  • Trusted by eminent global brands
  • No service fee until you hire
  • Good pay and enough work


  • It’s hard to get in for freelancers 

6. SeoClerk — Best SEO Marketplace for Diversity of Services

SeoClerks is well-known for being one of the largest SEO marketplaces in the world. It is designed for both businesses looking for competent freelancers and freelancers looking for quality SEO jobs.

Its services are neatly categorized into eight different groups, including link building, art & design, content and writing, programming, guest posts, online SEO, social networks, and virtual assistance. 


Key Features:

Here is what we love about SeoClerks:

  • Promotions: SeoClerks awards freelancers who have been sweating it out on the projects by promoting them to higher levels that come with better pay and more exciting projects.
  • Diverse Services: As a company, all your SEO needs can be met in one place with SeoClerks’ diverse range of services.
  • Secure Payments: The marketplace manages all the transactions through global payment applications like Paypal and Payoneer to keep your funds safe.
  • Handpicked Experts: The SeoClerks team handpicks the best freelancers to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. 


10% of the total earnings of a freelancer.


  • Easy to get started with
  • Enough work for everyone
  • Guaranteed promotions for hard work
  • Secure payments through global gateways like PayPal


  • Lower user levels for freelancers come with tremendous limitations 

7. 99designs — One of the Best for Visual Content-Based SEO

Images and visual content form a huge part of SEO. After all, graphics influence the overall quality and user experience of your website, which in turn has a massive effect on your search engine ranking. If you are looking for a marketplace that focuses solely on SEO graphic designers, 99designs is a must-try.


Key Features:

Here is what we love about 99designs:

  • Diverse Services: Since 99designs is concerned only with creating visual content, it has a pretty massage range of services for freelancers in the design domain, including book cover designs, logo designs, infographic designing, etc
  • 99designs Studio: Large corporations with complex needs would find the 99designs Studio a handy feature. Here, the company gets a dedicated creative director to lead their project, a fixed-price package, and the support of a 99designs team that will helm the project with utmost efficiency.
  • Flexible Hiring: Brands are allowed to hire traditionally and work with a designer one-on-one or run a contest and encourage the 99designs community to submit their work from where they can then pick their favourite.
  • Excellent Phone Support: Unlike most freelance marketplaces that offer nothing more than chats and contact forms for support, 99designs stands out with its superior phone support through a global toll-free number.


For Freelancers: 5% to 15%, depending on their level

For Clients: Flat 5%


  • Exclusively for visual content-based SEO
  • Solutions for every business size
  • Reasonable service fee
  • Excellent customer support


  • Quite non-rewarding for new freelancers 

8. Fourerr — Leading Option for Beginners and Small Businesses

Fourerr is more like a beginner SEO marketplace for both businesses and freelancers. Jobs here start at as low as $4. But that doesn’t mean freelancers can’t scale and charge what they feel they deserve when they want to. Whatever SEO service you need for your business, you will definitely find a proficient freelancer at Fourerr. 


Key Features:

Here is what we love about Fourerr:

  • Speedy Payments: You do not have to wait for the next payment cycle to receive your payments. Fourerr is best known for offering instant payments; you will be able to withdraw your hard-earned money as soon as your work is approved.
  • Easy Entry: There is no minimum qualification threshold or screening for new applicants. Also, you can get started in under five minutes; all you have to do is post your first service and wait for a client to reach out to you.
  • Easy Tracking: Businesses can easily track the progress made on their orders through email notifications and the tracker on their “My Shopping” Page.
  • Restriction-free Communication: Contact your prospective sellers and communicate with them directly before placing an order. This will give you a better insight into what you are getting yourself into and also allow you to verify the identity of the seller.


Flat 20% for all freelancers.


  • Gigs range from $4 to $100
  • Easy refunds on order cancellation
  • Easy to contact buyers or sellers
  • Tracker for business to check order progress


  • High commission rate 

9. Konker.io — Best SEO Marketplace for Easy Recruitments

Konker is a popular freelance marketplace best known for its vast number of SEO experts. One of the best things about Konker is its seamless onboarding process and consistent support from the team. It also has detailed video tutorials on its website outlining how to get started with doing business on Konker.


Key Features:

Here is what we love about Konker:

  • Comprehensive SEO Services: On Konker, you will find expert freelancers from every domain of SEO, including keyword research, content creation, link building, site optimisation, etc.
  • Smart Filters: Don’t want to waste your time going through thousands of gigs? Make the best of smart filters to choose your preferred delivery time, budget, and seller rating to narrow down your search.
  • Free Gig Listing: Unlike most freelance SEO marketplaces that charge a fee to list services, creating and listing gigs at Konker is free. 
  • Secure Transactions: Your security and experience are the most critical thing for Konker. That’s why it encrypts your personal information and guarantees secured transactions to protect you from fraudsters.


5% on every sale for freelancers.


  • Smart filters to narrow your search
  • Secure space for your transactions and data
  • Comprehensive SEO services
  • Detailed tutorials and adequate resources


  • Limited customer support 

10. Guru — Best Marketplace SEO for Flexible Services

Guru is yet another popular and adept SEO marketplace for hiring freelancers. The website has been working relentlessly since 1998 to connect the best freelancers from diverse backgrounds to the right companies for mutual benefit.

Currently, the marketplace operates in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Romania, and Australia, so rest assured that there is no lack of talent here.


Key Features:

Here is what we love about Guru:

  • Huge Team of Freelancers: With Guru, you will never run out of competent freelancers for your business. It has a huge team of more than 800,000 professionals from all over the world at your service.
  • Safe Payments: Your funds on Guru receive extra protection thanks to its unique SafePay feature that provides online banking protection from hackers.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Guru does not restrict how you want to pay or charge for your projects, meaning you are free to choose between hourly, project-based, recurring, or fixed rates.  
  • Diverse Plans: It is one of the few online SEO marketplaces that comes with different pricing plans for different business sizes and freelancer needs.


Guru does not have a flat commission or service charge. Instead, it has separate pricing plans which determine the charges incurred for each project by the freelancer.

For Freelancers:

Plan Basic  Basic+ Professional Business Executive 
Job Fee 9% 9% 7% 6% 5%

For Businesses:

Guru grants a free membership to all their clients. However, it charges a small service charge of 2.9% on all client transactions.


  • Considerably lower commission rates
  • Available in seven countries and continents
  • Choose your own suitable payment format
  • Secure payments with the help of SafePay


  • High-priced plans limit opportunities for new freelancers 

What are SEO Marketplaces?

SEO marketplaces are platforms where businesses and organizations can find accomplished professionals and freelancers to help them with their ranking. In the digitized business environment, there’s no scope to downplay the value of SEO.

Whether you decide to go organic, focus on technical SEO, or invest in paid advertisements, you can meet success only with an expert on your side. 

Reputed SEO marketplaces serve as platforms where potential freelancers and service providers can find suitable clients to help them with SEO. On the other hand, being a company owner, you would find these SEO marketplaces ideal for hiring affordable talent.

One of the best reasons to hire SEO professionals from the leading marketplaces is transparency. With the best platforms around, you won’t risk your finances with the wrong professionals. Some of these platforms operate on the basis of escrow systems that ensure optimal transparency in the dealings. 

Also, organizations can hire professionals based on their ratings and reviews, as scrutinized by their previous clients. This way, you can hire reliable and competent professionals from the top SEO marketplaces.

Why Should You Use an SEO Marketplace For SEO Work?

SEO marketplaces are the ideal hunting grounds for both businesses and service providers. With enough talent available on these platforms, business owners can choose the right professionals. On the other hand, SEO professionals teeming with talent can win profitable clientele from these platforms.

Here are some of the reasons that demonstrate the importance of an SEO marketplace.

1. Business Owners Can Prioritize Their Tasks

It might be challenging for your in-house professionals to build links, develop enticing content, and keep the website optimized. After all, SEO work is complicated and calls for knowledge, time, energy, and patience.

Moreover, leading search engines like Google keep tweaking their SEO policies frequently, and it is imperative to know how the algorithms would behave. 

As a business owner, outsourcing your SEO requirements happens to be the best way to maintain cost-effectiveness. At the same time, you can ensure the proper quality of the work you pay for.

On hiring an SEO professional from one of these marketplaces, you need not bother yourself with these complications.

2. Companies Can Maintain Cost-effectiveness

Choosing a competent SEO expert from a reputed marketplace would be a cost-effective solution. Have you considered how much you would save when you do not need to pay for training and refining their skills?

These services are available on a contractual basis. Therefore, the SEO professional might charge you per hour or project basis. Based on the budget, you can choose the right professional from the wide range of rates available.

So, you invest in talent that you can afford. Moreover, most SEO marketplaces provide you with the provision of checking out the testimonials of freelancers to speak for their capabilities.

3. Pool up Global Experience

One of the prime benefits of hiring an SEO professional from a reliable marketplace is the extensive availability of talent. Unlike your in-house professionals, freelance SEO experts come from different demographics.

Therefore, you have the liberty to hire an expert from any given country based on your needs. This significantly broadens the pool of experience you have on your deck.

At the same time, you can prioritize experience, value for money, and language of communication. Particularly, when it comes to local SEO, you might want to hire a professional capable of optimizing your website in a regional language.

Therefore, pooling up experience from the leading SEO marketplaces has its own benefits.

4. Tap a Global Clientele

For SEO professionals, the best marketplaces bring a golden opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Competent SEO experts try to stay abreast with the latest developments in the industry. Particularly, they update themselves on changes in Google’s algorithm.

Unless there’s a global platform to put their skills to use, the entire process of gaining expertise turns out to be futile. Established SEO professionals often use platforms like Upwork and Freelancer to grow their clientele. This is one of the most practical ways to broaden their careers. 

With experience, they can also boost their income or revenue. Therefore, it makes sense to use an SEO marketplace to reach out to potential clients. Once the freelancers start benefitting their clients, they can gain a firm footing in the profession.

5. Establish Credibility

When it comes to building a portfolio for an SEO expert, working on reputed marketplaces proves to be an intelligible move. This is because, as a freelancer, you would be receiving feedback in terms of reviews, ratings, and testimonials from your clients.

Once you develop a strong portfolio through commitment and hard work, there’s no one holding you back from achieving success. You can showcase your portfolio to other prospective clients and bag lucrative projects. Therefore, working on the leading SEO marketplaces can be a good deal for professionals.

This credibility can even benefit prospective clients. Once they check out the ratings and reviews of a freelancer or SEO professional, they can make an informed decision while hiring the talent. This way, they can keep away from investing in the wrong SEO professional.

6. Result-oriented SEO

Amidst raging competition, leading businesses must invest in result-oriented SEO. With an accomplished consultant available to bail you out of the crisis, it would be wise to use an SEO marketplace. The professional will take care of your rankings until you reach your goals.

The SEO marketplaces are teeming with talent. You have experts and consultants capable of delivering measurable results. They can deploy the strategies impactfully and help you stay ahead of your competing firms. When it comes to a better ranking, this aspect matters a lot.

So, with an experienced SEO professional guiding you, you can generate more traffic and experience low stress while benefitting from higher conversion rates. Most importantly, you can prioritize your basic goals while entrusting the SEO work to the experts.

Conclusion: What is the Best SEO Marketplace for 2023?

Here’s a quick recap of your top 10 options:

  1. Toptal — Overall, the Best SEO Marketplace for 2023.
  2. BlackHat World — Leading SEO Marketplace for Backlinks and Networking.
  3. Fiverr — Best SEO Service Marketplace for Cheap Services.
  4. Legiit — Top SEO Marketplace with an Impressive Responsive Mobile Application.
  5. Upwork — Popular Option for Finding Quality Freelancers. 
  6. SeoClerk — Best SEO Marketplace for Diversity of Services. 
  7. 99designs — One of the Best for Visual Content-Based SEO.
  8. Fourerr — Leading Option for Beginners and Small Businesses. 
  9. Konker.io — Best SEO Marketplace for Easy Recruitments. 
  10. Guru — Best Marketplace SEO for Flexible Services.

Having talked extensively about the top ten SEO marketplaces, we crown Toptal as the best SEO marketplace in 2023 for freelancers and businesses alike.

Note that all the other nine platforms are excellent too, but Toptal gets our vote primarily due to its stringent screening process, wherein it allows entry to only the top 3% of its total applicants.

Also, in case you’re struggling to zero in on the right man for the job, Toptal will have an expert assist you. Other impressive features include speedy payouts, zero commission for freelancers, etc.


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