Every business on the internet nowadays is more or less dependent on SEO. It is a process to climb up the ranking ladder on the search engine results to ultimately make your business more popular and accessible to a wide userbase. Through the proper use of SEO tools, you can improve many underseen factors of your website, and embedding an SEO widget is probably a step in the right direction.

Most of the time, it becomes quite inefficient to gather the data from different parameters and create a final report of the subject’s performance on the web if you’re working for clients by enhancing their organic search metrics. This is where the embedded SEO audit widget comes into play by offering several SEO monitoring metrics to generate high potential SEO leads without much effort. And it’s just a matter of writing a few lines of code to get the tool started on your site. But there are many more benefits than just simply embedding the tool on your site. Ultimately, an SEO audit tool can be your strongest marketing asset and we will know why.

1. Generate Potential Leads Even When You’re Sleeping

When you implant an SEO audit widget on your site, it works 24×7, 365 days as your primary marketing tool. It can eventually lead you to many potential customers and contacts through the personalized lead form and you don’t have to be online all the time. An SEO audit form can be filled in as many times as possible and you don’t have any manual work to put it, which can create wonders for your business.

The tool can generate a good number of free reports in just a few clicks, and you can leave it on to render the bulk of the reporting responsibilities. Which can free up a lot of your time to do the more important tasks you’ve been putting off.

2. Completely Automated & Spam Free Lead Generation

As discussed above, an SEO audit widget on your site wouldn’t require you to put in any extra effort in generating leads. The moment you’re done embedding the audit form, you have completed your work on your behalf, the rest is on the magic of the tool. The widget form is designed in such a way that it will be noticed by your potential leads on their own without you having to monitor much. It can impress your clients in an instant when they will audit the reports and result in getting you more projects in the future.

Cold calling, direct messages on your email/social handles are some of the old methods of lead generation which most of the time resulted in spam information with not getting any target at all. But with the SEO audit widget, you can have valuable information as well as potential leads for your business. If that’s not all, most of the audit tools also provide insights of reports which one can go through in their free time for improvements on their side.

3. Not Too Heavy For Your Pocket

Digital marketing tools more often can cost you a whole lot especially the automated SEO audit tools. Being in the early stages of building your business, the cost of the tool itself can create an imbalance in your expenses and give the customer satisfaction as well. But there are tools like Semrush, MOZ, WebCEO which are not too costly on your pocket as they keep in mind the interest of all businesses big or small.

These tools perform in a way that identifies the positives and negatives of the client’s organic content strategy, that too in a cost-effective manner! If we take the expenses born on one of these audit tools, with even one lead turning into a potential customer, you’d be more than fine to bear to get the returns on the investments you’ve made periodically on these tools.

Furthermore, there are endless possibilities to create business opportunities by recommending enhancements to your client’s SEO strategy and these tools will just help you to improve the same. Ultimately, you’ll be making the brand more visible in a medium that might be new in the beginning but will reap the beneficial fruits in the long run.

4. Your SEO Services Are Available On Spot

One of the major key factors of having an SEO audit form on your site is that it can help you persuade your customers on the spot without any further delay in reaching out to them. Once you have embedded an SEO audit widget on your website, visitors or leads will be able to share their details through this audit form. And when that happens, it will lead you to a list of potential SEO leads interested in you to offer your services to them. It will also make the reports available to them in an instant, upon reading through these reports, the potential leads can become more interested in keeping their site on high ranking through the services that you will be offering.

5. Customize The Tool According To Your Benefit

Although you might not completely own the SEO tools you have invested in, but these tools will work to your satisfaction. SEO Widget makes you feel like you own it through their customization according to one’s needs. You can use the branding setting which lets you customize the form in a way that can let you reflect your SEO services and strength to your benefit. Not only that, but it also lets you white-labeled the reports with your own branded design. Options that let you choose the details that you need from your potential leads, adding the fields of your choice. Essentially, it is one of the best all-in-one packages for your lead generation strategy.

6. Does an Audit Widget Really Work In Generating Leads?

Using Search Engine Optimization, its only primary goal is to generate relevant and potentially quality leads for your business. All of our efforts are invested in this primary goal of acquiring leads. What having an SEO audit widget does is create an automated solution to get these leads, without having to face spam emails and messages.

Wrapping Up

Even when using the manual methods of SEO in generating leads, you cannot be sure if you will get the result you are expecting. But by using the audit widget, you can expect the results in your favor. It helps in tracking down the visitors and making them your potential leads. It offers high customization and is white-labeled. If that is not all, embedding an SEO audit widget can help you generate extra revenue for your business. It is a transformative way to keep the interest of prospects even of your current leads who might have not tested this method yet.

SEO tools and audit widgets are some of the most revolutionary tools in digital marketing because of the high engagement and interest of vendors from all over the world in this industry who have witnessed the reaping benefits of these tools in the long run.