Video marketing is one of the best ways to drive web traffic, build an online community, and ultimately sell the products or services of your company. As YouTube is the most popular video website on the Internet, it is clearly the best place to be publishing videos, whatever the sector of your company. YouTube is also the second largest search engine on the web meaning it is more popular than searches such as Yahoo and Bing.

The importance of YouTube videos SEO is growing constantly. Without optimization of content, videos are unlikely to be viewed by your target audience to their full potential. While optimizing YouTube videos is based around the same principles as other web content, the techniques do vary slightly. Special strategies are necessary for YouTube videos SEO as videos work differently from other web content.

Optimization is based around the three disciplines of content, linking and architecture. There is typically less freedom in architecture as YouTube dictates the page layout, but you can still make some minor changes to best promote your brand. The most important of the three is content, as there are specific requirements for YouTube videos SEO. Linking is conducting in roughly the same way as other web content.

There are two places to ensure high ranking through your YouTube videos SEO practices: firstly, YouTube itself; secondly, other search engines such as Google. Both of these have a difficult time in deciphering content in the video file and therefore base the ranking on the content that accompanies the video. For SEO purposes, the written content is more important than the content within the video.

Each individual video has its own page that should be optimized along with the channel as a whole. Video descriptions are used to automatically generate meta tags by YouTube and so should be keyword rich. The name of the video must be chosen carefully as it becomes the title tag. The YouTube tags form part of the meta keywords tag, although Google acknowledges that their search engine ignores this tag, so it is a less useful feature.

As a YouTube user, you can choose between two different types of YouTube channels: the brand channel and the user channel. Brand channels have a number of advantages over user channels but require you to invest large amounts of money in the site. For this you will receive access to the auto-play function, numerous sub-channels, a branding box, custom gadgets, a more expansive background image, a 960 by 150 banner, a 300 by 250 side column, Video Walls, and support for YouTube Carousel and Google Analytics. If you are an advertiser and believe you may benefit from the additional YouTube videos SEO features, it may be worth investing in a brand channel.

Along with the above, the actual content of the video is incredibly important. Dull videos that bore your viewers after a few minutes (or even just several seconds) do not get fully watched. While capturing your viewers through adequate YouTube videos SEO practices is a key ingredient in gaining a wider audience, keeping them captivated is central to gaining subscribers and later buyers.

YouTube videos should be considered as valuable tools to sell anything through interesting and humorous videos; even services and products that are not particularly exciting can be made entertaining. You have a lot of freedom with YouTube videos; you do not just have to go down the traditional television commercial route.

How important is YouTube videos SEO to your business?